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Disclosed are implantable or insertable medical devices that provide resistance to microbial growth on and in the environment of the device and resistance to microbial adhesion and biofilm formation on the device. In particular, the invention discloses implantable or insertable medical devices that ...

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Methods for fabricating coatings for implantable medical devices are disclosed. The coatings include blends of hydrophilic and hydrophobic polymers. The methods provide for treatment of the coatings to cause enrichment a region close to the outer surface of the coating with the hydrophilic polymers.

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A method for improving the wettability of a medical device involves: (a) providing a medical device formed from a monomer mixture comprising a hydrophilic device-forming monomer including a copolymerizable group and an electron donating moiety, and a second device-forming monomer including a copolym ...



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This invention provides an improved process for coating medical and surgical devices and the like using super-critical fluids.