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A medical device (10) includes a structure (12) adapted for introduction into a patient, the structure (12) being formed of a preferably non-porous base material (14) having a roughened or textured surface (16). The structure (12) is conveniently configured as a vascular stent with a base material ( ...

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Self-supporting, shaped, three-dimensional cross-linked proteinaceous biopolymeric materials that may be implanted in vivo, and methods of making such materials are disclosed. The biopolymeric materials most preferably include reinforcing media, such as biocompatible fibrous or particulate materials ...

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Disclosed are implantable or insertable medical devices that provide resistance to microbial growth on and in the environment of the device and resistance to microbial adhesion and biofilm formation on the device. In particular, the invention discloses implantable or insertable medical devices that ...

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A porous β-tricalcium phosphate material for bone implantation is provided. The multiple pores in the porous TCP body are separate discrete voids and are not interconnected. The pore size diameter is in the range of 20-500 μm, preferably 50-125 μm. The porous β-TCP material provides a carrier matrix ...

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A coating composition for use in coating implantable medical devices to improve their ability to release bioactive agents in vivo. The coating composition is particularly adapted for use with devices that undergo significant flexion and/or expansion in the course of their delivery and/or use, such a ...

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The present invention provides an improved LbL-coating process for modifying the surface of a medical device, preferably an ophthalmic device, more preferably a contact lens. An LbL coating on a contact lens, which is prepared according to the process of the invention, can have increased hydrophilic ...

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Methods for fabricating coatings for implantable medical devices are disclosed. The coatings include blends of hydrophilic and hydrophobic polymers. The methods provide for treatment of the coatings to cause enrichment a region close to the outer surface of the coating with the hydrophilic polymers.

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A vascular graft, such as an AAA stent graft, includes a core zone of PET fabric with a non-porous coating comprising a polyurethane, such as Thoralon®, disposed on at least one surface. The coating provides a barrier to prevent short and long term leakage of fluids through the pores of the PET fabr ...

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A matrix, including epithelial basement membrane, for inducing repair of mammalian tissue defects and in vitro cell propagation derived from epithelial tissues of a warm-blooded vertebrate.

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A composition for delivery of a therapeutic agent is provided. The composition comprises: (a) a biocompatible block copolymer comprising one or more elastomeric blocks and one or more thermoplastic blocks and (b) a therapeutic agent, wherein the block copolymer is loaded with the therapeutic agent. ...