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A stabilized solid controlled release dosage form having a coating derived from an aqueous dispersion of ethylcellulose is obtained by overcoating a substrate including a therapeutically active agent with an aqueous dispersion of ethylcellulose and then curing the coated substrate at a temperature a ...

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A controlled release tablet for oral administration is disclosed which has a tablet core including an insoluble therapeutically active agent having an aqueous solubility of less than or equal to about 5 mg/ml in a sufficient amount to render a therapeutic effect. The core provides rapid release of s ...

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The spherical granules having a core coated with spraying powder containing a drug and low substituted hydroxypropylcellulose, because of their excellent hardness, can be coated further evenly, (e.g. sustained release coating, gastric coating, enteric coating), and at the time the granules are excel ...

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An oral form of medicament releases active substance in the gastrointestinal tract at a constant rate.

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An arrangement is provided for the application of an oral pharmaceutical to the mucosa of the oral or nasal cavity, for sustained release there of the drug. The arrangement of the invention comprises a body which has a size and shape suitable for insertion into and retention in the oral or nasal cav ...

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