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Compositions and methods are provided for forming tissue-adherent hydrogels using substantially dry precursors. The dehydrated precursors are premixed prior to in situ therapy and utilize naturally-occurring body fluids as an aqueous environment that initiates transformation, which causes dissolutio ...

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A solid controlled release, oral dosage form, the dosage form comprising an analgesically effective amount of dihydrocodeine or a salt thereof in a controlled release matrix wherein the dissolution rate in vitro of the dosage form, when measured by the USP Paddle Method at 100 rpm in 900 ml aqueous ...

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Dendritic polymer conjugates which are composed of at least one dendrimer in association with at least one unit of a carried material, where the carrier material can be a biological response modifier, have been prepared. The conjugate can also have a target director present, and when it is present t ...

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The present invention provides calcium phosphate-based (CAP) microcarriers and microspheres and their use in cell culturing systems, chromatography and implantable biomedical materials.

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Sustained release pharmaceutical formulations containing morphine, or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof, as active ingredient, suitable for administration on a once daily basis, are disclosed. In a first aspect, an orally administrable sustained release unit dosage form gives a peak plasma ...

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A method for administering a medicament which comprises adhering to the mucosa of the oral or nasal cavity a pharmaceutical preparation comprising

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A controlled release powder containing discrete micro-particles for use in edible, pharmaceutical and other controlled release compositions is disclosed. The micro-particles have an average size in the range of from 0.1 to 125 .mu.m. Each of the micro-particles is in the form of a micromatrix of an ...

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