Mohamed SKIBA Mohamed SKIBA
SKIBA MOHAMED, BOUNOURE FREDERIC, MALLET ERIC: [fr] Composition pharmaceutique pour ladministration par voie nasale de la metopimazine, [de] Pharmazeutische Zusammensetzung zur nasalen Verabreichung von Metopimazine, [en] Pharmaceutical composition for nasal administration of metopimazine. SKIBA MOHAMED, April 17, 2013: EP2581085-A1 (1 worldwide citation)

[en] Composition comprises metopimazine or its salt, optionally a cyclodextrin and one or more excipients, where the composition is in the form of aqueous solution or powder. ACTIVITY : Antiemetic Gastrointestinal-Gen. Antiinflammatory Antidiarrheic. MECHANISM OF ACTION : None given.

Eric First, M.D.
Eric R First: Cosmetic neurotoxin compositions and methods. Allergan, Brigitte C Phan, Ted Chan, Debra Condino, February 11, 2014: US08647639 (5 worldwide citation)

Cosmetic compositions include a Clostridial neurotoxin component and a microsphere component. In certain compositions, the composition includes a botulinum toxin and a plurality of swellable microspheres. The compositions are administered to individuals, by injection and the like, to treat a cosmeti ...

Kalpana R Kamath, James J Barry, Sepideh H Nott: Polymeric coatings for controlled delivery of active agents. Scimed Life Systems, Kenyon & Kenyon, January 1, 2002: US06335029 (503 worldwide citation)

Implantable medical device having a structure adapted for introduction into a patient wherein the structure is composed of a base material positioned over the structure. The implantable medical device further includes at least one composite layer of a bioactive agent and a polymer material and at le ...

Steven R Jefferies: Bone graft material for osseous defects and method of making same. Cushman Darby & Cushman, July 19, 1983: US04394370 (412 worldwide citation)

Complexes of reconstituted collagen and demineralized bone particles or reconstituted collagen and a solubilized bone morphogenetic protein fabricated in a sponge suitable for in vivo implantation in osseous defects are disclosed. Both demineralized bone particles (DBP) and bone morphogenetic protei ...

Michael V Sefton: Encapsulation of live animal cells. Fleit & Jacobson, October 12, 1982: US04353888 (363 worldwide citation)

Viable mammalian cells are encapsulated in a polymeric membrane to form microencapsulated beads ready for introduction into a host body. The polymeric membrane allows passage therethrough of cell substrates and secretions, but prevents passage of larger molecules such as proteinaceous antibodies. In ...

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Method for rendering a preformed article lubricious and antithrombogenic and a device being the same. On the surface of the article a thin coating of a biologically compatible, lubricious, hydrophilic polymer including acid groups, is provided. On the coating, ammonium cation, and heparin are applie ...

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A stabilized solid controlled release dosage form having a coating derived from an aqueous dispersion of an acrylic polymer is obtained by overcoating a substrate including a therapeutically active with an aqueous dispersion of the plasticized acrylic polymer and then curing the coated substrate at ...

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This invention is directed to methods of manufacturing implantable biocompatible cell encapsulation devices, wherein the cell encapsulation devices have a jacket made of a permeable, biocompatible material that is loaded with a core made of a reticulate foam scaffold having interconnected pores, wit ...

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Collagen implants that are useful as wound healing matrices are characterized by being formed of collagen fibrils that are not chemically cross-linked, and having a bulk density of 0.01 to 0.3 g/cm.sup.3 and a pore population in which at least about 80% of the pores have an average pore size of 35 t ...

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An implantable drug delivery device comprising a matrix formed of a poly-.alpha.-amino acid component having one or more drugs and/or diagnostic agents physically contained therein. The drug or diagnostic agent is released through one or both of two mechanisms: diffusion and biodegration which resul ...