Hans A Schaeffer: Dental preparation, article and method for storage and delivery thereof. Darby & Darby, August 18, 1987: US04687663 (217 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is a method for cleaning teeth including extruding a first semi-solid component including hydrogen peroxide as an active ingredient, and extruding a second semi-solid component comprising sodium bicarbonate as an active ingredient, the first and second components being suitable for oral us ...

Hans A Schaeffer: Dental preparation, article and method for storage and delivery thereof. Darby & Darby, July 9, 1985: US04528180 (150 worldwide citation)

The invention is directed to a combination of a collapsible tube article having flexible side walls and a composition consisting of a gel component and a paste component and contained in said article, said combination being suitable for use in combatting gum disease, said article comprising:

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A method for whitening teeth which utilizes laser light to activate bleaching agents applied to the teeth is disclosed. The mouth is first prepared so that the soft tissues of the gums are protected and only the teeth are exposed. The teeth are cleaned to remove any materials which will reduce or nu ...

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There is disclosed a germ-killing gel, a germ-killing soap, a germ-killing toothpaste and applicators for dispensing germ-killing compositions. These compositions include a first material containing sodium chlorite and a second material containing lactic acid in sufficient amount to lower the pH of ...

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Abrasive dentifrice compositions containing an oxygen liberating whitening compound which is stable with respect to oxygen level and exhibits heightened and rapid whitening of teeth and stain removal which comprises a combination of a dicalcium phosphate compound and a metal ion free peroxide compou ...

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A dental composition and method for bleaching vital and non-vital teeth, comprising a preselected, concentrated, aqueous solution of hydrogen peroxide and a nonaqueous component mixed to form an aqueous gel or paste, with the nonaqueous component including an inert silica gelling agent, an accelerat ...

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Dental bleaching compositions that include a high concentration of bleaching agent and a bleaching agent stabilizer that maintains the potency of the bleaching agent over time. The dental bleaching compositions of the present invention may be one-part, pre-mixed compositions that do not require mixi ...

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Compositions are disclosed for treating oral bacteria in the mouth, e.g., toothpaste or gel and/or tooth powders, granules, flakes or tablets. The compositions include a peroxide, a bicarbonate salt and a peroxide stabilizer.


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A method is described for controlling and treating microorganisms implicated in diseases of the teeth and periodontium by applying to the teeth and periodontium an oral lavage comprised of an admixture of selected antimicrobial agents and selected oxygenating agents in predetermined proportions, and ...