Kenneth R Sidman: Biodegradable, implantable drug delivery depots, and method for preparing and using the same. Arthur D Little, Richard J Hammond, May 22, 1984: US04450150 (293 worldwide citation)

An implantable drug deliver depot comprising a hydrophilic poly(glutamic acid-co-ethyl glutamate) structure having one or more substances, e.g., drugs and/or diagnostic agents physically contained therein. The drug or diagnostic agent is released by its permeation of and diffusion through the copoly ...

Ernst B Hunziker: Methods and compositions for the treatment and repair of defects or lesions in cartilage or bone. Robert Francis Shaw, Edward F Mullowney, Jane A Massaro, December 14, 1993: US05270300 (278 worldwide citation)

Methods and compositions are provided for the treatment and repair of defects in the cartilage or bone of humans and other animals as in full-thickness defects in joints. The defect in bone is filled with a matrix having pores large enough to allow cells to populate the matrix and to form blood vess ...

Joel Habener: Insulinotropic hormone. The General Hospital Corporation, Sterne Kessler Goldstein and Fox, June 9, 1992: US05120712 (135 worldwide citation)

A fragment of glucagon-like peptide I (GLP-1) has been found to be an insulinotropic hormone. This insulinotropic hormone comprises amino acid residues 7-37 of GLP-1. The insulinotropic hormone is useful as a potential therapy for Diabetes Mellitus.


Arthur J Ammann, Christopher G Rudman: Method of inducing bone growth using TGF-.beta.. Genentech, Janet E Hasak, October 27, 1992: US05158934 (106 worldwide citation)

A method is provided for generation of bone at a site of an animal where skeletal tissue is deficient comprising administering to the animal, locally at the bone site in the presence of a source of osteogenic cells, an effective amount of a composition comprising TGF-.beta. in a pharmaceutically acc ...


Yoshiya Yamahira, Keiji Fujioka, Shiegeji Sato, Yoshihiro Takada: Long-term sustained-release preparation. Sumitomo Pharmaceuticals Company, Birch Stewart Kolasch & Birch, September 27, 1988: US04774091 (96 worldwide citation)

A solid sustained-release preparation in the form of a needle-like or bar-like shape, which consists essentially of an active ingredient and a pharmaceutically acceptable biodegradable carrier (e.g. proteins, preferably collagen, gelatin, and a mixture thereof). The sustained-release preparation can ...

Colin G Pitt, Robert M Platz: Pulmonary administration of erythropoietin. Amgen, Daniel M Chambers, Ron K Levy, Steven M Odre, October 11, 1994: US05354934 (84 worldwide citation)

Erythropoietin (EPO) can be delivered systemically in therapeutically or prophylactically effective amounts by pulmonary administration using a variety of pulmonary delivery devices, including nebulizers, metered dose inhalers and powder inhalers. Aerosol administration of EPO in accordance with thi ...

Murakami Kazuo, Ueno Naoto, Kato Yukio: Protein, dna and use thereof.. Takeda Chemical Industries, Scitech Research, March 13, 1991: EP0416578-A2 (78 worldwide citation)

Disclosed are (1) a Xenopus laevis bone morphogenetic protein (BMP), (2) a DNA comprising a DNA segment coding for a Xenopus laevis BMP, (3) a transformant bearing a DNA comprising a DNA segment coding for a Xenopus laevis BMP and (4) a method for preparing the Xenopus laevis BMP which comprises cul ...

Schlossman Stuart F, Scott Charles F Jr, Lambert John M, Blattler Walter A: Bifunctional antibody constructs and method for selectively destroying cell populations.. Dana Farber Cancer Inst, December 14, 1988: EP0294703-A2 (77 worldwide citation)

A bifunctional heterodimeric antibody conjugate comprising (a) an anti-target cell antibody component joined to (b) an anti-lymphocyte antibody component wherein the anti-lymphocyte antibody component is specific for activated lymphocytes. A bifunctional antibody/cell surface-binding molecule conjug ...

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