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An implantable drug deliver depot comprising a hydrophilic poly(glutamic acid-co-ethyl glutamate) structure having one or more substances, e.g., drugs and/or diagnostic agents physically contained therein. The drug or diagnostic agent is released by its permeation of and diffusion through the copoly ...

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Methods and compositions are provided for the treatment and repair of defects in the cartilage or bone of humans and other animals as in full-thickness defects in joints. The defect in bone is filled with a matrix having pores large enough to allow cells to populate the matrix and to form blood vess ...

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A fragment of glucagon-like peptide I (GLP-1) has been found to be an insulinotropic hormone. This insulinotropic hormone comprises amino acid residues 7-37 of GLP-1. The insulinotropic hormone is useful as a potential therapy for Diabetes Mellitus.


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A method is provided for generation of bone at a site of an animal where skeletal tissue is deficient comprising administering to the animal, locally at the bone site in the presence of a source of osteogenic cells, an effective amount of a composition comprising TGF-.beta. in a pharmaceutically acc ...


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A solid sustained-release preparation in the form of a needle-like or bar-like shape, which consists essentially of an active ingredient and a pharmaceutically acceptable biodegradable carrier (e.g. proteins, preferably collagen, gelatin, and a mixture thereof). The sustained-release preparation can ...

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Erythropoietin (EPO) can be delivered systemically in therapeutically or prophylactically effective amounts by pulmonary administration using a variety of pulmonary delivery devices, including nebulizers, metered dose inhalers and powder inhalers. Aerosol administration of EPO in accordance with thi ...

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Disclosed are (1) a Xenopus laevis bone morphogenetic protein (BMP), (2) a DNA comprising a DNA segment coding for a Xenopus laevis BMP, (3) a transformant bearing a DNA comprising a DNA segment coding for a Xenopus laevis BMP and (4) a method for preparing the Xenopus laevis BMP which comprises cul ...

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A method is disclosed for treating obese mammals or preventing obesity from occurring in mammals. This method involves administering to the mammal an effective amount of growth hormone in combination with an effective amount of IGF-I. Preferably, the growth hormone is given so as to have a maintaine ...