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A method of repairing bone defects by use of suspensions containing purified atelopeptide, reconstituted, fibrillar skin collagen or bone collagen powder or mixtures thereof is disclosed. The suspensions provide matrices for conductive growth of bone into the defect. The skin collagen may also be ly ...

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An antithrombogenic material is described, comprising an expanded polytetrafluoroethylene base having a collagen layer provided on the surface thereof, and further provided thereon a composite layer of collagen and a mucopolysaccharide, and said collagen is crosslinked with a crosslinking agent.

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Chemically-modified collagen membrane prepared at physiologic pH and soluble thereat provides a carrier for ophthalmic medication leaving no removable material after drug release.

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An injectable collagen material composed of reconstituted, mechanically sheared atelopeptide collagen fibers. The material is prepared by passing reconstituted collagen fibers repeatedly through a rigid mesh screen, until a substantial reduction in fiber size and size-heterogeneity is achieved. The ...

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Disclosed is a matrix material for implantation in a mammalian host comprising biocompatible mineral-free type I bone collagen, xenogenic to the host, and biodegradable therewithin. The matrix is manufactured from protein-extracted bone powder treated with certain swelling agents to increase its sur ...

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Two proteins that are found in bone and that have in vivo chondrogenic/osteogenic activity in combination with a co-factor are described. Both proteins also were active in combination with EGF in the in vitro TGF-.beta. assay. Each has a molecular weight of approximately 26,000 daltons by SDS-PAGE. ...

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Collagen implants that are useful as wound healing matrices are characterized by being formed of collagen fibrils that are not chemically cross-linked, and having a bulk density of 0.01 to 0.3 g/cm.sup.3 and a pore population in which at least about 80% of the pores have an average pore size of 35 t ...

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The present invention provides fibrin-collagen tissue equivalents and methods of making and using such tissue equivalents. The present invention also provides methods of forming multi-layer tissue equivalents having improved adherence of the layers. The present invention further provides a method fo ...