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A new chemically modified protein consists of human granulocyte colony stimulating factor (G-CSF) (aminoacid sequence of 174 units ( or 175 with N-terminal methionine) given in the patent) (expressed by host cells from a foreign DNA sequence) bound to polyethylene glycol either through the amino gps ...


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The invention provides chemically modified lymphokines having R &lparstr& O-CH2CH2 &rparstr& n wherein R is a protective group for the terminal oxygen and n is an optional positive integer, bonded directly to at least one primary amino group of the lymphokine moiety, and a method of producing the sa ...

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A pharmaceutical composition is prepared wherein a biologically active conjugated protein which is .beta.-interferon, interleukin-2, or an immunotoxin is dissolved in an aqueous carrier medium without the presence of a solubilizing agent. The unconjugated protein, which is not water-soluble or not r ...

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An injectable implant material for soft tissue augmentation comprising a dispersion of (a) particles of cross-linked atelopeptide collagen; and (b) reconstituted fibrous atelopeptide collagen in a (c) physiological aqueous carrier. Implants of this material have improved persistence relative to curr ...

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Disclosed is a biodegradable polylactic acid polymer delivery system for delivery of bone morphogenic protein (BMP) to induce formation of new bone in viable tissue. The delivery composition is substantially pure BMP in combination with a biodegradable polylactic acid polymer and it is prepared by a ...

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Implants containing regulatory peptides or their analogues as active ingredients and natural poly-D-(-)-3-hydroxybutyric acid as biodegradable vehicle, and process for their preparation, are described. The active ingredient undergoes protracted release from the implants.