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A method of sterilizing the surfaces of articles such as medical intruments and other products by exposing such surfaces to hydrogen peroxide gas at temperatures below 80.degree. C. in a temperature range that is generally considered nonsporicidal.

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Stable peroxy-containing concentrates useful for the production of microbicidal agents consisting essentially of

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Peroxy-containing concentrates, stable in storage, useful for the production of functional agents consisting essentially of

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A "cold" gas sterilization process that operates at temperatures below 80.degree. C. in a temperature range that is generally considered nonsporicidal. The process is capable of sterilizing with gaseous hydrogen peroxide at extremely low concentrations in a gas phase, such as 0.5 mg/L. The widely us ...

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Abrasive dentifrice compositions containing an oxygen liberating whitening compound which is stable with respect to oxygen level and exhibits heightened and rapid whitening of teeth and stain removal which comprises a combination of a dicalcium phosphate compound and a metal ion free peroxide compou ...

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A dental composition is produced from a dilatant silicone polymer composition by dispersing a bioactive component in the polymer composition. The dental composition is shaped and pressed against the teeth and gum surfaces and allowed to remain in place for a period of time sufficient to release the ...

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Polymer complexes which comprises hydrogen peroxide, a polymer suitable for complex formation with hydrogen peroxide, and at least one metal colloid and/or metal salt are prepared as described and used in bactericidal compositions, disinfectant systems, hair cosmetic compositions and as free-radical ...

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An antimicrobial composition containing hydrogen peroxide is disclosed. The composition is non-corrosive to surgical instruments and contains 4%-7% hydrogen peroxide, 0.1% to 0.3% of a chelating agent, 0.1% of a water soluble zinc compound, 0.1% to 0.3% of a sodium cocoyl sarcosinate or is fatty aci ...

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An antimicrobial surface sanitizing composition comprising a major portion of diluent and an active antimicrobial agent, said agent comprising an antimicrobial effective amount of an alpha-hydroxy substituted mono- or di-carboxylic acid, and an antimicrobial effective amount of hydrogen peroxide, wh ...

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Compositions are disclosed for treating oral bacteria in the mouth, e.g., toothpaste or gel and/or tooth powders, granules, flakes or tablets. The compositions include a peroxide, a bicarbonate salt and a peroxide stabilizer.