Malini Batheja, Ph.D
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Methods are disclosed for increasing the solubility of morphine through the use of organic acid or its salts as a solubilizing agent. Particularly useful as solubilizing agents are salts of carboxylic acids, such as gluconate, acetate, citrate, lactate, tartrate, aspartate, fumarate, malate, maleate ...

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A misuse-resistive dosage form for the transdermal delivery of opioid comprises, in combination, 1) one or more opioid permeable to the skin, 2) delivery means permeable to said opioid, 3) one or more antagonist for said opioid releasable upon ingestion or solvent immersion, and 4) impermeable barri ...

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The invention provides a novel method of administering narcotic antagonists, narcotic analgesics and related compounds, and novel dosage forms containing those compounds which are adapted for nasal administration. The nasal dosage forms disclosed include solutions, suspensions, gels and ointments. E ...

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A method of alleviating pain such as neuropathic pain or acute inflammatory pain is provided which comprises administering to a mammal that is either exhibiting pain or is about to be subjected to a pain-causing event a pain alleviating/pain suppressing amount of at least one nontoxic antagonist for ...

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Sustained release oral solid dosage forms of opioid analgesics are provided as multiparticulate systems which are bioavailable and which provide effective blood levels of the opioid analgesic for at least about 24 hours. A unit dose of the opioid analgesic contains a plurality of substrates includin ...

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This invention relates to an abuse deterrent dosage form of opioid analgesics, wherein an analgesically effective amount of opioid analgesic is combined with a polymer to form a matrix.

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A motion provided to alleviate the tolerance to, or dependence on, an opiate analgesic, by the administration of an effective amount of a selective delta opioid receptor antagonist to a human patient in need of such treatment.

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A method for preventing or treating opioid induced side effects including dysphoria, pruritus and urinary retention and non-opioid induced changes in gastrointestinal motility. The method comprises administering methylnaltrexone or another quaternary derivative of noroxymorphone to a patient prior t ...

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A sustained release pharmaceutical pellet composition suitable for treating pain-associated conditions in patients comprises a core element including at least one active ingredient of high solubility; and a core coating for the core element which is partially soluble at a highly acidic pH to provide ...

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Chronic pain is alleviated in a mammal suffering therefrom by administering to the mammal a chronic pain alleviating amount of a nontoxic N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor antagonist such as dextromethorphan, dextrorphan, ketamine or pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof, alone or in combination with ...