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New substituted azetidinones of the general formula (A') which have been found to be potent elastase inhibitors and thereby useful anti-inflammatory and antidegenerative agents are described. e

Stéphane De Lombaert
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Substituted quinolin-4-ylamine analogues are provided. Such compounds are ligands that may be used to modulate specific receptor activity in vivo or in vitro, and are particularly useful in the treatment of conditions associated with pathological receptor activation in humans, domesticated companion ...


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A beta -lactam of the formula: wherein R1 is aryl, substituted aryl, alkyl, alkenyl, or alkynyl; R2 is hydrogen, alkyl, acyl, acetal, ethoxyethyl, or other hydroxyl protecting group; and R3 is aryl, substituted aryl, alkyl, alkenyl, or alkynyl; and process for the preparation of taxol comprising con ...

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A series of non-peptide derivatives that are antagonists of the fibrinogen IIb/IIIa receptor and thus are platelet aggregation compounds useful in the prevention and treatment of diseases caused by thrombus formation.

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Novel naphthyridine-, quinoline- and benzoxazine- carboxylic acids as antibacterial agents are described as well as methods for their manufacture, formulation, and use in treating bacterial infections including the description of certain novel intermediates used in the manufacture of the antibacteri ...

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Thrombin inhibitors represented by the formula as provided wherein A is e.g. phenylglycyl, and phenylalanyl, a-methylphenylalanine and a-methylphenylglycine wherein the amino group is preferably substituted with lower alkyl alkanoyl or lower alkoxycarbonyl, or a bicyclo group e.g. 1,2,3,4-tetrahydro ...