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(EN) A C-glycoside derivative represented by the following general formula (I) or its salt which is a compound useful as a Na+-glucose co-transportation inhibitor in a remedy for, e.g., diabetes, in particular, insulin-independent diabetes (type 2 diabetes) and insulin-dependent diabetes (type 1 dia ...

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A compound of the formula : wherein R is aryl which may be substituted with halogen, nitro, amino, lower alkylamino, lower alkoxy or acylamino, R is hydrogen; alkyl; cycloalkyl; or lower alkyl which is substituted with cyclo(lower)alkyl, cyclo(lower)alkenyl, a heterocyclic group or aryl optionally s ...

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The invention provides immunostimulatory compositions comprising a small molecule immuno-poteniator (SMIP) compound and methods of administration thereof. Also provided are methods of administering a SMIP compound in an effective amount to enhance the immune response of a subject to an antigen. Furt ...

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Compounds of the formula or pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof wherein: A is a bond, -(CH2)n- or -CH(B)-, where n is an integer of 1 to 3 and B is -CN, -CON(R)R or -CO2R; R is lower alkyl, aryl or arylalkyl; R is hydrogen, hydroxy, alkoxy, -CH2OH, cyano, -C(O)OR , -CO2H, -CONH2, tetrazole, -C ...

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A taxane derivative of the formula wherein R is Z is -OT, T is hydrogen, hydroxyl protecting group, or -COT, T is H, C-C1/4 alkyl, C-C1/4 alkenyl, C-C1/4 alkynyl or monocylic aryl, R is benzoyl, substituted benzoyl or C-C1/4 alkoxycarbonyl, Ac is acetyl, and E and E are independently selected from h ...

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The present invention relates to hydroxamate compounds which are inhibitors of histone deacetylase. More particularly, the present invention relates to biaryl containing compounds and methods for their preparation. These compounds may be useful as medicaments for the treatment of proliferative disor ...

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The invention concerns a series of novel 2-amino-monomethoxycyclohexyl amides of the general formula having analgesic and neuroprotective activity. The compounds bind selectively to the kappa opioid receptor. Pharmaceutical compositions containing the compounds, methods of using them, and processes ...

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Novel peptide mimetic compounds are provided which have useful activity as inhibitors of platelet aggregation. These compounds have the chemical structure wherein x = 6 to 10, y = 0 to 4, Z = H, COOH, CONH2 or Cl-6 alkyl, Ar = phenyl, biphenyl or napthyl, each substituted with 1 to 3 methoxy groups, ...

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The present invention relates to compounds of the general formula (II) and salts and physiologically functional derivatives thereof, for the use as a medicament.

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The present invention provides compounds of formula I: or a pharmaceutically acceptable derivative o thereof, wherein A, B, Ra, R1, R2, R3, and R4 are as described in the specification. These compounds are inhibitors of protein kinase, particularly inhibitors of JNK, a mammalian protein kinase invol ...