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Pro-drugs of potent 5-lipoxygenase inhibiting compounds comprise compounds of the formula in which A is an alkylene or alkenylene group, X is oxygen, sulfur, sulfoxyl, or substituted nitrogen, and Y is a group which includes substituted or unsubstituted carbocyclic or substituted or unsubstituted he ...

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This invention provides estrogen receptor modulators having the structure where R1–R5 are as defined in the specification; or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof.

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There are described benzo-fused 5-membered ring heterocycles of the formula I where X is N or CR(6); Y is oxygen; A and B together are a bond or are both hydrogen if X is simultaneously CR(6) and Y is NR(7), one of these substituents R(1) to R(6) is a -CO-N = C(NH2)2 group; the other substituents R( ...


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Use of a compound of formula (I): wherein n is 0, 1 or 2; R is hydroxyl, methoxy, C1-C7 alkanoyloxy, C3-C7 cycloalkanoyloxy, (C1-C6 alkoxy)-C1-C7 alkanoyloxy, substituted or unsubstituted aroyloxy, or substituted or unsubstituted aryloxycarbonyloxy; R is hydrogen, hydroxyl, chloro, bromo, methoxy, C ...

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Compounds of the formula: wherein R1 is (1) hydrogen, (2) C1 to C4 alkyl, (3) C2 to C4 alkenyl, or (4) NR2R3, wherein R2 and R3 are independently selected from (1) hydrogen, (2) C1 to C4 alkyl and (3) hydroxyl, but R2 and R3 are not simultaneously hydroxyl; wherein X is oxygen, sulfur, SO2, or NR4, ...


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Diaromatic compounds corresponding to the following general formula: in which: R1 is H, OH, -CH3, -CH2OH, -COR7, -CH(OH)CH3, -CH2OCOR8, and the like, R7 is H, OH, -OR10, N(r'r"), lower alkyl, and the like, R8 is linear or branched alkyl, or a sugar residue, R9 is OH, lower alkyl or N(r'r"), R10 bein ...

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The present invention relates to compounds of formula (I) wherein R1, R3, X, Q, Z, A, D, m, and n are defined herein. Pharmaceutical compositions and methods for treating DGAT-1 related diseases or conditions are also disclosed.

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Compounds of the formula inhibit the action of neutral endopeptidase. As a result, such compounds produce diuresis, natriuresis, and lower blood pressure as well as being useful in the treatment of congestive heart failure, relieving pain, and diarrhea when administered to a mammalian host.