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Compounds of formula I wherein R, R1, R2 and Ar are as defined in the description, have valuable pharmaceutical properties and are effective especially as matrix metalloproteinase inhibitors, for example for the treatment of arthritis. They are prepared in a manner known per se.

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Compounds of the formula: wherein: n is 0, 1 or 2; Y is hydroxy or XONH-, where X is hydrogen or lower alkyl; R is hydrogen or lower alkyl; R is hydrogen, lower alkyl, heteroalkyl, aryl, aralkyl, arylheteroalkyl, cycloalkyl, cycloalkylalkyl, heteroaryl, heteroaralkyl, heteroarylheteroalkyl, heterocy ...

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A retroviral protease inhibiting compound of the formula: or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt, prodrug or ester thereof.

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The compounds of the formula in which A, R, R, R and R have the meaning stated in Claim 1, in the form of optically pure diastereomers, mixtures of diastereomers, diastereomeric racemates or mixtures of diastereomeric racemates, and pharmaceutically utilisable salts thereof, inhibit the action of th ...

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Retinoid-like activity is exhibited by compounds of the formula wherein A is pyridyl, furyl, thienyl, pyridazinyl, pyrimidinyl or pyrazinyl; n is 0-5; and B is H, -COOH and its esters, amides and pharmaceutically acceptable salts, -CHO and its acetal derivatives, -COR1 and its ketal derivatives wher ...

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A series of non-peptide derivatives that are antagonists of the fibrinogen IIb/IIIa receptor and thus are platelet aggregation compounds useful in the prevention and treatment of diseases caused by thrombus formation.

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Composés de formule générale : dans laquelle R, R1 et R2 sont définis dans la description. Les composés de formule (1) sont utiles dans le traitement de désordres de système nerveux central.


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The new compounds of formula (I) (where A, R1, Ra and R2 are defined in the description) can be manufactured by processes known per se and used as the active ingredients of drugs.

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The novel carboxylic acid and sulphonic acid amides of the formula R-A-(W)a-X-(CH2)b-(Y)c-B-Z-COOR (I) in which R, A, W, X, Y, B, Z, R, a, b and c have the meaning given in the description, can be used in the treatment of thromboses, apoplexy, cardiac infarcts, inflammations, arteriosclerosis and tu ...