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The present invention pertains to therapeutic sunscreen-wound healing compositions useful to minimize and treat sunburn damage. The compositions comprise a therapeutically effective amount of (1) a sunscreen agent; (2) an anti-inflammatory; and, (3) a wound healing composition. In one embodiment the ...

Alain Martin: Therapeutic permeation enhanced-wound healing compositions and methods for preparing and using same. Warner Lambert Company, Jean B Barish, February 23, 1999: US05874479 (109 worldwide citation)

This invention pertains to therapeutic wound healing compositions for protecting and resuscitating mammalian cells (Embodiment One (I)). This invention also pertains to therapeutic permeation enhanced-wound healing compositions for enhancing the penetration of actives into membranes and increasing t ...

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The present invention relates to oral effervescent dosage forms for the administrations of an intended ingredient to children, and processes for their administration.

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This invention relates to methods for inhibiting viral and retroviral replication and for treating viral and retroviral infections via the administration of compositions containing Vitamin E, tocopherol, or a tocopherol derivative and, more particularly, compositions containing .alpha.-tocopherol or ...

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A stable dental hygiene composition comprising a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and zinc chloride, the present mixture is stabilized by the addition of water-soluble vitamin E. The presence of water-soluble vitamin E in the mixture of hydrogen peroxide and zinc chloride acts to prevent the usual insta ...

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The present invention relates to a method for the treatment and protection of human and animal skin which contains vitamin E in a high dose and, in addition, may optionally further contain vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamins of the B series, blood circulation-promoting agents and/or vasodilators, phospho ...

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Pharmaceutical preparations are described, useful in the prevention and/or treatment of atherosclerosis, of cardiovascular, nervous system, skin and malignant pathologies, containing 50 to 1000 mg of omega-3 fatty acids, their esters and their salts with inorganic and organic bases, as individual co ...

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An ocular composition for prevention, stabilization, reversal and treatment of age related macular degeneration, cataracts, elevated ocular pressure, diabetic retinopathy and glaucoma.

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A method of lowering cholesterol comprises administering to an animal safe and effective amounts of d-.alpha.-tocotrienol. A method of extracting d-.alpha.-tocotrienol from natural sources and pharmaceutical compositions containing d-.alpha.-tocotrienol are also disclosed.

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Pharmaceutical compositions administered to humans and animals topically for treatment of proliferative skin diseases, primarily psoriasis. The composition comprises a pharmaceutical carrier with at least one active ingredient selected from the group consisting of para bromophenacyl bromide, alpha t ...