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An article for the controlled delivery of an active substance, comprising a hollow space fully enclosed by a wall and filled in full or in part with one or more active substances, which wall is made using a biodegradable polymeric material permeable to the active substance, wherein the wall is compo ...

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A delivery system for agents, such as therapeutic agents, or other substances includes a biodegradable polymer and the agent or substance. The delivery system is coated with a barrier substance that decreases the quantity of the agent release from the system, compared to the quantity of the agent re ...

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This invention concerns novel sustained release microcapsule compositions comprising water-soluble, hormonally active polypeptides and optionally, a polymer hydrolysis modifying agent encapsulated in biocompatable, biodegradable polymers such as poly(lactide-co-glycolide) copoly

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Sustained release oral solid dosage forms of opioid analgesics are provided as multiparticulate systems which are bioavailable and which provide effective blood levels of the opioid analgesic for at least about 24 hours. A unit dose of the opioid analgesic contains a plurality of substrates includin ...

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A drug delivery system for controlled release of a protein or polypeptide comprising a hydrophobic biodegradable polymer and a protein or polypeptide. A physical interaction is present between the polymer and the protein or polypeptide, thus, allowing protection and controlled release of the protein ...

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The release of therapeutically active agents from controlled release bases is extended by using a combination of a higher aliphatic alcohol and an acrylic resin as the base material.


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Polyvinyl alcohol for use as a film coating, a matrix for monolithic device or as a barrier coating for the preparation of controlled release drug delivery systems.