Malini Batheja, Ph.D
Steven C Quay, Malini Gupta, Jorge C de Meireles, Mohammed Abd El Shafy: Compositions and methods for enhanced mucosal delivery of interferon beta. Nastech Pharmaceutical Company, Nastech Pharmaceutical Company, May 15, 2008: US20080113011-A1

Compositions and methods are provided for intranasal delivery of interferon-β yielding improved pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic results. In certain aspects of the invention, the interferon-β is delivered to the intranasal mucosa along with one or more intranasal delivery-enhancing agent(s) to yi ...

Malini Batheja, Ph.D
Steven C Quay, Jorge C de Meireles, Malini Gupta, Shyam Vangala: Compositions and methods for enhanced mucosal delivery of growth hormone. Nastech Pharmaceutical Company, Nastech Pharmaceutical Company, February 10, 2005: US20050031549-A1

Pharmaceutical formulations are described comprising at least one growth hormone and one or more intranasal delivery-enhancing agents for enhanced nasal mucosal delivery of the growth hormone. In one aspect, the intranasal delivery formulations and methods provide enhanced delivery of growth hormone ...

Hunt C Anthony, Papahadjopoulos Demetrios T: Method of making uniformly sized liposomes and liposomes so made.. Univ California, September 30, 1981: EP0036676-A1 (243 worldwide citation)

A composition whereby pharmaceutically active ingredients such as the bis-anthracyclines disclosed and claimed in European Application Publication No. 0 004 467 may be effectively delivered to selected sites in a mammalian organism is made by incorporating the ingredients within uniformly sized lipo ...


Schneider Michel, Yan Feng, Grenier Pascal, Puginier Jerome, Barrau Marie Bernadette: Long-lasting aqueous dispersions or suspensions of pressure-resistant gas-filled microvesicles and methods for the preparation thereof.. Sint, August 4, 1993: EP0554213-A1 (183 worldwide citation)

One can impart outstanding resistance against collapse under pressure to gas-filled microvesicle used as contrast agents in ultrasonic echography by using as fillers gases whose solubility in water, expressed in liter of gas by liter of water under standard conditions, divided by the square root of ...

Hauser Helmut Dr: Lipids in the aqueous phase.. Ciba-Geigy, September 7, 1983: EP0088046-A2 (168 worldwide citation)

Die vorliegende Erfindung betrifft ein neues, vorteilhaftes Verfahren zur Herstellung von unilamellaren Liposomen in wässriger Phase durch Ueberführen einer geeigneten Lipidkomponente, z.B. Phosphatidsäure, in die ionische Form, indem man die Lipiddispersion einer pH-Aenderung unterwirft und anschli ...

Hauser Helmut Dr: Lipids and surfactants in an aqueous medium.. Ciba-Geigy, March 7, 1984: EP0102324-A2 (150 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to an advantageous process for preparing unilamellar liposomes in aqueous phase by dispersing a homogeneous mixture of an ionic surfactant and of a lipid. The unilamellar liposomes are formed spontaneously, i.e. without input of additional external energy. The liposomes ...

Gersonde Klaus Prof Dr Med, Schal Wilfried Dr: Method of preparing lipid vesicles by ultrasonic treatment, the use of this method and apparatus for its application.. Gersonde Klaus Prof Dr, May 26, 1982: EP0052322-A2 (148 worldwide citation)

1. A method of preparing lipid vesicles from biological membranes or lipid suspensions, in which the lipid suspensions or lipid particles to be desintegrated are ultrasonically treated in a dispersion fluid inside a treatment container at a substantially constant temperature, characterized in that t ...

Hostetler Karl Y, Kumar Raj, Stuhmiller Louise M: Lipid derivatives of antiviral nucleosides, liposomal incorporation and method of use.. Vical, January 10, 1990: EP0350287-A2 (132 worldwide citation)

Compounds are disclosed for treating AIDS, herpes, and other viral infections by means of lipid derivatives of antiviral agents. The compounds consist of nucleoside analogues having antiviral activity which are linked, commonly through a phosphate group at the 5 min position of the pentose residue, ...

Kreutzer Roland, Limmer Stephan: Method and medicament for inhibiting the expression of a defined gene. Kreutzer Roland, Limmer Stephan, October 17, 2001: EP1144623-A1 (112 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to a medicament containing at least one double-stranded oligoribonucleotide (dsRNA) designed to inhibit the expression of a target gene. According to the invention, one strand of the dsRNA is at least in part complementary to the target gene.