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The present invention provides methods and apparatus for sequencing, fingerprinting and mapping biological macromolecules, typically biological polymers. The methods make use of a plurality of sequence specific recognition reagents which can also be used for classification of biological samples, and ...

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The present invention is directed to stabilized insulin composition comprising a mixture of insulin species such as insulin and an insulin analog. As disclosed herein, insulin compositions comprising a mixture of insulin and insulin analog species form heterodimeric complexes having a greater stabil ...

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The invention provides methods of screening for a compound for promoting wakefulness in a mammal. The method is practiced by providing a compound that is a PrRP receptor agonist and determining the ability of the compound to promote wakefulness. Also provided by the invention are methods of screenin ...

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Disclosed are pharmaceutical compositions and methods for preventing or treating a number of amyloid diseases, including Alzheimer's disesase, prion diseases, familial amyloid neuropathies and the like. The pharmaceutical compositions include immunologically reactive amounts of amyloid fibril compon ...

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A method for protecting a peptide from peptidase activity in vivo, the peptide being composed of between 2 and 50 amino acids and having a C-terminus and an N-terminus and a C-terminus amino acid and an N-terminus amino acid is described. In the first step of the method, the peptide is modified by a ...

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According to the subject invention, dispersible dry powder pharmaceutical-based compositions are provided, including methods for their manufacture and dry powder dispersion devices. A dispersible dry powder pharmaceutical-based composition is one having a moisture content of less than about 10% by w ...

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The invention provides compositions and methods for treatment of amyloidogenic diseases. Such methods entail administering an agent that induces a beneficial immune response against an amyloid deposit in the patient. The methods are particularly useful for prophylactic and therapeutic treatment of A ...

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The present invention relates to macrocyclic compounds, methods for making these compounds, pharmaceutical compositions and the therapeutic or prophylactic use of these compounds by administering said compounds to mammals or treat hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection.

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Methods for treating conditions or disorders which can be alleviated by reducing food intake are disclosed which comprise administration of an effective amount of an exendin or an exendin agonist, alone or in conjunction with other compounds or compositions that affect satiety. The methods are usefu ...

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The invention provides improved agents and methods for treatment of diseases associated with amyloid deposits of Aβ in the brain of a patient. Such methods entail administering agents that induce a beneficial immunogenic response against the amyloid deposit. The methods are useful for prophylactic a ...