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Improved method and apparatus for the treatment of respiratory, skin, eye and related ailments and conditions wherein steam or a related vapor at a reduced temperature is admixed with particulate medicament and exposed to an afflicted area within a confined space.

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A vibrating massager includes a housing and an elastic strap, which is fastened into a loop to hold a protrusion extending from a surface of the housing against a pressure point of the human body. Mechanical vibrations, produced by a small electric motor spinning an eccentrically mounted weight, are ...

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An improved vibrating massage apparatus in the form of an elongated pad incorporating a plurality of independently controllable vibrating members to impose vibratory oscillations along the full extent of the apparatus. Each vibrating member includes a motor having a pair of rotatable shafts extendin ...

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A device and method for creating an initial cavity in biological tissue within a given tissue type or layer and then expanding the initial cavity into a larger predetermined final cavity by using a dissecting propagating device to dissect the tissue along a plane defined by the initial cavity. The d ...

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A method for using high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) to treat neurological structures to achieve a desired therapeutic affect. Depending on the dosage of HIFU applied, it can have a reversible or irreversible effect on neural structures. For example, a relatively high dose of HIFU can be used ...

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An improved infusion device is of the type which can be implanted for drug delivery within a patient's body, and supplied with infusate without the need for surgical removal. The infusion device has a housing forming a chamber and an entry port into the chamber. The entry port is closed by a septum. ...