Klaus Hafemann
Klaus Hafemann: Foot care apparatus and attachments. Patent Law Offices of Rick Martin PC, January 2, 2003: US20030004442-A1

A care or treatment attachment for a foot care apparatus, comprising at least one movable care or treatment element as well as a coupling piece, with which the attachment can be connected to the movement of a motor-driven driving shaft 8 inside the foot care apparatus 6. The attachment comprises a h ...

Klaus Hafemann
Hafemann Klaus: Foot spa or foot massaging part for a foot spa device and foot spa device with such a part. Wik Far East, January 2, 2003: EP1269966-A2

The device (1) is assembled of two containers (2) filled with water (4, 4') for the accommodation of the feet during the treatment, joined with a bridge (3) fitted with appliances (6) for additional care. An electric drive (7) is located in the space (10) underneath the bridge (3) and is provided wi ...

Klaus Hafemann
Hafemann Klaus: Inlay for a footbath. Wik Far East, August 7, 2002: EP1228742-A1

Insert (1) for placing in a footbath comprises at least one foot support (3) supported on the base and on upper side of which the foot is placed and held at a distance from the base. Protruding massage rollers (M) are distributed over the surface of the foot support. The axes of rotation of at least ...

Klaus Hafemann
Hafemann Klaus: Massage attachment. Wik Far East, May 8, 1996: GB2385531-A

A massage attachment for a motor-driven foot care apparatus, comprising a coupling piece 2, with which the massage attachment 1 can be attached onto a driving shaft of the foot care apparatus, several movably disposed massage elements M with spherical physical appearance, are each born rotatably on ...

Ariel Ferdman, Jing wen Kuo, David Miller, Vladimir Pinsky, William D Richards, David Swann: Method and device for wound closure. Ariel Ferdman, Hale and Dorr, September 22, 1992: US05149331 (663 worldwide citation)

A method of treating a wound site wherein a porous, adhesive backed dressing is utilized. A vacuum and/or heat is applied to the wound site through the dressing so as to draw the tissue adjacent the wound site to the dressing so as to minimize trauma to the wound and increase the adherence of the ad ...

Thorn Ole, Feld Flemming Danhild, Paisnow Jimmy, Hallam David: Method and apparatus for vacuum treatment of an epidermal surface. Vacutec, April 7, 1988: GB2195255-A (621 worldwide citation)

When treating an epidermal surface (surface of the skin) (3) with subatmospheric pressure supplied from a source (not shown) through a flexible tube (6), an applicator (4) is used consisting of a first, porous layer (7) of e.g. felt and a second, airtight layer (8) of e.g. plastic sheet material, th ...

Sandeep Bajaj: Intracardiac catheter. Whitham & Marhoefer, October 1, 1991: US05053008 (589 worldwide citation)

A multisheathed catheter (12) includes an umbrella (18) positioned on its exterior sheath (16). In use, the umbrella (18) should be positioned within the pulmonary artery. The umbrella (18) has a meshwork (22) through which blood and plasma pass freely therethrough, but which is capable of catching ...

Ronald R Van Overloop: Device for moist heat therapy. The Kendall Company, Powell L Sprunger, September 10, 1985: US04540412 (578 worldwide citation)

A device for patient therapy in the use of wet dressings comprising, a device for generating heated moist air, and a sheet of substantially air impervious material to cover the wet dressing. Spaced portions of the sheet are secured to the patient. The generating device is coupled to the inside of th ...

Alan Broadwin, Alexander Kreizman, Chana Puiam, Vaclav O Podany, Leonard M Emery: Method and apparatus for ultrasonic surgical fragmentation and removal of tissue. Cooper LaserSonics, Vorys Sater Seymour and Pease, May 9, 1989: US04827911 (558 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus for periodically interrupting ultrasonic power applied to a ultrasonically vibrating tip to control its amplitude between high and low or zero amplitudes with a selectible duty cycle and repetition rate provides enhanced fragmentation and improves surgical control. The duty cy ...

Scott D Wampler: Ultrasonic surgical device having an embedding surface and a coagulating surface. Ethicon Endo Surgery, Louis J Capezzuto, July 9, 2002: US06416486 (464 worldwide citation)

An ultrasonic surgical device for the application of ultrasonic energy is disclosed. The surgical device has a housing and an acoustic assembly having a solid core waveguide. The waveguide extends from the housing and has a novel end effector at the distal end for the conduction of ultrasonic energy ...