Klaus Hafemann
Klaus Hafemann: Massage Attachment for Motor-Driven Foot Care Apparatus. Wik Far East, Rick Martin, Patent Law Offices Of Rick Martin PC, September 27, 2007: US20070225628-A1

A massage attachment for a motor-driven foot care apparatus is disclosed. The massage attachment has a coupling piece attached torsion tight onto a driving shaft of the foot care apparatus. A central core bar is connected to the coupling piece and receives the rotational movement of the driving shaf ...

Klaus Hafemann
Hafemann Klaus: Foot-care apparatus. Wik Far East, September 21, 2005: EP1576942-A2

The device (1) is designed as a basin (2) formed by pressing the upper area towards the bottom (5) resulting in a space (7) between the two layers (3, 6) suitable for the accommodation of the drive components (8). The electric motor (9) is separated from the transmission units (10, 11)) by laterally ...

Klaus Hafemann
Klaus Hafemann: Foot care apparatus and attachments. Patent Law Offices of Rick Martin PC, January 2, 2003: US20030004442-A1

A care or treatment attachment for a foot care apparatus, comprising at least one movable care or treatment element as well as a coupling piece, with which the attachment can be connected to the movement of a motor-driven driving shaft 8 inside the foot care apparatus 6. The attachment comprises a h ...

Klaus Hafemann
Hafemann Klaus: Foot spa or foot massaging part for a foot spa device and foot spa device with such a part. Wik Far East, January 2, 2003: EP1269966-A2

The device (1) is assembled of two containers (2) filled with water (4, 4') for the accommodation of the feet during the treatment, joined with a bridge (3) fitted with appliances (6) for additional care. An electric drive (7) is located in the space (10) underneath the bridge (3) and is provided wi ...

Thorn Ole, Feld Flemming Danhild, Paisnow Jimmy, Hallam David: Method and apparatus for vacuum treatment of an epidermal surface. Vacutec, April 7, 1988: GB2195255-A (621 worldwide citation)

When treating an epidermal surface (surface of the skin) (3) with subatmospheric pressure supplied from a source (not shown) through a flexible tube (6), an applicator (4) is used consisting of a first, porous layer (7) of e.g. felt and a second, airtight layer (8) of e.g. plastic sheet material, th ...

Harris Stephen W, Praye Clyde A: Compression massage boot. McMorrow Robert G, June 10, 1975: US3888242 (75 worldwide citation)

A device to impart pressure to a human appendage to provide a massage like effect has an adjustable outer shell encasing a pneumatic gland. The gland has a series of inward flexible tips, and is supplied with intermittent gaseous pressure. Suitable valve and pressurization means pulsate the gland.

Waters Robert S, Spohr Albert S: Skin treating appliance. Sunbeam Corporation, October 24, 1972: US3699952 (64 worldwide citation)

An electrically operated appliance for treating skin utilizing an orbitally driven brush, massaging or skin conditioning instrument. The appliance is operated by means of a switch which is energized upon engagement of the brush or implement against the skin of the user. Control means are provided to ...

Kawada Sohji: Facial treatment device. Oujevolk George B, September 23, 1975: US3906940 (46 worldwide citation)

A facial treatment device comprises an easy-to-grip lower casing which incorporates an electric motor, an oscillating rotary massaging member adapted to one end of an upper casing together with a sheet cover to cover the front section of said massaging member which is detachable therefrom, a piston ...

Louis Paul Guitay: Massage apparatus with sucking and mobilising action on skin tissue. LPG Systems, Wall Marjama Bilinski & Burr, October 5, 1999: US05961475 (36 worldwide citation)

A massage device that includes a casing having a pair of opposed transverse walls and side walls to define an open bottom chamber. The bottom of the transverse walls having convex edges extending the length of the opening. At least one of the transverse walls being capable of moving toward and away ...

Tsubota Kazuo, Yamamoto Yusuke, Iwashita Tomoko, Furuya Akinari: Dry eye treatment tool. Rohto Pharmaceut, August 3, 2006: JP2006-198249 (34 worldwide citation)

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a dry eye treatment tool which is useful for improving the dry eyes by improving the functions of the meibomian gland effectively.SOLUTION: The dry eye treatment tool 1 comprises: a tool main body 10 mounted on the face surface in the state of covering the eyes and t ...