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A walker in which an individual secured at the waist and having both feet attached to movable footboards is caused to undergo a complete reciprocating walking action in which the feet, angles, legs, hips and arms all move in normal walking fashion. Each footboard is centrally hinged to define a forw ...

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In the first place, inputted from a key switch portion (29) is a personal identification code for a person to use the exerciser. In response to this, personal data corresponding to the identification code are read from the storage means, to be set as the user's data. Thereafter the user performs exe ...

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An adjustable cervical collar for encircling the neck of a wearer and characterized by the ability to be readily adjusted in height by the wearer while the collar is positioned about the neck. The collar includes a pair of elongate, semi-rigid, flexible bands held in overlapping relationship, and me ...

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Apparatus for motivating a patient, in need of occupational therapy, to exercise his muscles. The invention is characterized in the use of an electrical transducer connected to a harness strapped to a joint of a patient such that as long as the patient induces back and forth joint movement, the tran ...

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A user's legs and lower torso are strenuously exercised by the continuous oscillatory movement of foot-supporting platforms on which the subject stands while grasping a hand rail for stability and safety. The foot-supporting platforms are carried on and movable with an oscillating main turntable whi ...

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An inflatable splint for extending the fingers and wrist of the hand of the wearer. The splint has an inflatable chamber extending over the hand and wrist area of the wearer, with one surface which assumes a planar configuration when the splint is inflated. The one surface has finger loops adapted t ...

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A cervical collar or neck brace of the resilient foam type is equipped with Velcro fastener means near its ends. A readily removable fabric cover or sleeve for the collar in any desired color is appliable over the collar and has a window formed therethrough near one end to register with the Velcro r ...

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A surgical brace device for ambulatory treatment of the lower back of a patient includes a pair of spaced apart torso belt members joined together with jack screw connecting means for applying traction to the user between the pair of belts, and a pair of adjustably spaced lordosis pads mounted on th ...

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A therapeutic apparatus for automatically inclining and declining the torso and upper and lower extremities of a person from a substantially horizontal to a vertically sloping position to aid in controlling the circulation and position of these members.

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An electromechanical device for exercising the lower limbs of a person from hips to toes. The device is provided with a pair of pedals for securing each foot from toe to heel, and whereby the foot stays on a plane which moves constantly parallel to itself during vertical rotation of the pedal. Each ...