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Improved electronic controls for an adjustable hospital bed incorporating various logic devices. These devices result in the concurrent operation of several motors in response to the activation of a single switch to produce a desired bed configuration. The motors may operate simultaneously or sequen ...

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A patient positioning device includes an elongated flexible laminated sheet adapted to be arranged on a bed beneath the body of a patient and having a friction-type top surface for frictionally supporting the patient and a slippery bottom surface slidable along the bed, longitudinal end loop handles ...

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A patient turning apparatus, for operation by a patient, in which a two-sectioned air mattress is placed on a patient's bed having a width generally conforming to the width of the bed and a length terminating at the patient's shoulders and calves. Each section of the air mattress is coupled through ...

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An article of furniture, preferably in the form of a couch or a bed with a multi-section support surface for an user reclining on the article, wherein at least one of the end sections is pivoted relative to a base frame, having at least one spring support system (16,16',16',16'') provided which conn ...

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A pillow for the headrest section of a chair wherein the pillow is divided into four inflatable sections, a human head is adapted to come into contact with each section, by controlling the inflating of each section the position of the human head can be controlled.

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Lifting apparatus adaptable for aiding an ambulatory handicapped person. The apparatus may accommodate a person between a sitting position and a standing position. The apparatus aids in raising or lowering the individual between the two positions. The apparatus includes a pair of arm rests for engag ...

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According to the invention, there is provided a wheelchair having a propelling wheel, the said wheel being held in a wheel holder which in turn is mounted both pivotally and slidingly from a first forward position to a second backward position with respect to the seat and backrest of the wheelchair, ...

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A medical examining table apparatus having a plurality of rollers connected to a framework with an endless belt riding on the rollers. The framework may be incorporated into a table or placed on top of an existing table with the endless belt being motor driven by the operator. Paper or other sheet m ...

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A patient transfer device comprising a frame and a substantially planar table surface for the frame; a movable web supported on the table surface substantially flush therewith and extending from one side of the table surface to the other side of the table surface and a device for moving the web acro ...

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