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The transporting device for patients or bedridden persons comprises a movable basic frame (2), a motor drive having a motor and at least one drive wheel, support wheels (3) fastened on the four corners of the basic frame (2), a lifting and inclining device fastened on the basic frame (2), a stretche ...

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A one man multi-level cart having forward and rearward depending legs and slidable braces for the legs, the braces normally being locked and being releasable by the operator. The forward legs are also slidably mounted to the cart frame. The cart is adapted to be collapsed as by thrusting it into the ...

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A cart for transporting articles of merchandise or human bodies comprises a bed supported principally on four legs having an X-frame configuration. The legs are capable of being angulated with respect to each other to change the level of the bed. One pair of legs is formed in two sections, the lower ...

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A wheeled vehicle for paralyzed persons who cannot remain in a sitting position is provided with first and second superimposed frame sections. Threaded means is provided to elevate or incline the second frame section with respect to the first frame section.

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An adjustable ambulance cot construction wherein the patient-supporting frame of the cot is adjustable to effect the Trendelenburg position in which the patient's feet are elevated relative to the head, the cot frame being pivotally movable relative to one end of the undercarriage or other support o ...

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The elevation of a chair seat from normal to raised bed level by cam action between the chair seat and a wheeled frame on which the chair seat is guided for up and down movement. A camshaft journaled on the underside of the chair seat with cam wheels at each end with cam edges supported on rollers j ...

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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a multi-functional bed capable of automatically execute mutual conformation change of a bed conformation and a wheelchair conformation by extremely simple operation by reducing a size by simple structure.SOLUTION: In a multi-functional bed FB formed of two of a fixed ...

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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a fitting unit capable of reducing operation force required for an operation and reducing cost, and excellent in travelling property by permitting a unit main body to automatically travel when one side of wheels are grounded.SOLUTION: A carrier 9 is rocked with a cen ...

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An improved patient support structure has an articulatable frame (30), a plurality of elongated inflatable sacks (70) some of which have one or two comfort slots therein, a low pressure compressed air supply means (98) and a plurality of pipes (102 etc.) and manifolds for carrying gas from the suppl ...

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The framework of a splint stretcher having upper and lower side members is hinged along its length to provide a body portion together with a leg and foot portion that may be pivoted upward at an angle to be raised relative to the body portion. Means is provided to secure the leg and foot portion in ...