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An artificial spinal implant is disclosed which when placed between two adjacent vertebrae directly participates and is incorporated in the ensuing fusion. Instrumentation and procedure is also disclosed.

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An expandable spinal implant is disclosed. The implant includes a plurality of ribs which are deformable between first and second states. In the first state, the ribs present a generally cylindrical implant. In the expanded second state, the ribs are arced outwardly to define a generally spherical i ...

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Prosthesis plug implants forming transverse struts between adjacent vertebrae have roughened surfaces receiving bone ingrowth to fuse the plugs on prepared surface sites on opposed faces of adjacent vertebrae and have end faces with tool receiving recesses securing the plug on a tool for insertion o ...

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A method and apparatus for anchoring and manipulating cartilage within a joint during arthroscopic surgery by piercing the cartilage with a hollow needle, in the tip of which is lodged an elongate anchoring device having a suture attached thereto. The free end of the suture passes through the bore o ...

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A method for stabilizing a spinal motion segment by boring and excising an opening in a disc nucleus, inserting a fabric bag having a pore size between about 0.25 and 5.0 mm, packing the bag with a graft medium until the bag is a rigid self-retaining shape, then closing the bag. The nucleus is excis ...

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A fusion cage 10 includes a cage body defining an internal cavity with an inner surface and an outer surface. The outer surface defines a helical thread 12 comprised of a plurality of turns which define valleys 14 therebetween. Located in the valleys 14 are perforations 13 which provide communicatio ...

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Systems for bone and spinal stabilization, fixation and repair include intramedullar nails, intervertebral cages and prostheses, remotely activatable prostheses, tissue extraction devices, and electrocautery probes. The intramedullar nails, intervertebral cages and prostheses, are designed for expan ...

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A plate is provided with clearance holes and fastening screws. Each screw is provided in the region of its head with a clamping part subdivided into tongues by means of slots and provided with an internal opening bounded by a conical surface. To each screw belongs an expander having a conical outer ...

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A process for immediate stabilization and subsequent promotion of bone-to-bone fusion in a joint where separation of the bones is restricted by surrounding ligaments or other soft tissue. A hole is bored transversely across the joint. A slightly larger cylindrical basket is driven into the hole, the ...

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Decompression of herniated discs in the lumbar spine is carried percutaneously by the insertion of a specially designed cannulated trocar over a guide wire extending through the patient's back toward the herniated disc at an angle of approximately 35 degrees with respect to the patient's perpendicul ...