Brian Thomas
Brian H Thomas, Oludele O Popoola, Joseph R Vargas, Steven Seelman, Jeffrey P Anderson: Pyrolytic carbon implants with porous fixation component and methods of making the same. Zimmer, Schwegman Lundberg & Woessner P A, November 24, 2015: US09192476 (7 worldwide citation)

An orthopedic implant including an articulation portion having a pyrolytic carbon bearing surface and a porous bone on- or in-growth structure, and methods of making the same.

Brian Thomas
Brian Thomas, Kai Zhang: Multi-polymer hydrogels. Zimmer, Woods Rogers, June 8, 2010: US07731988 (5 worldwide citation)

The invention provides a multi-polymer hydrogel article having a first polymeric, water-swellable material and a second polymeric material, organized such that a first region substantially comprises the first polymeric, water-swellable material, a second region adjacent the first region comprises a ...

Brian Thomas
Brian H Thomas, Steven J Charlebois, Donald Yakimicki, James Mason, Stephen H Spiegelberg, Gavin Braithwaite, Gareth McKinley, Orhun Muratoglu: Mosaicplasty constructs. Zimmer, Schwegman Lundberg & Woessner P A, March 22, 2016: US09289302

Various embodiments of mosaicplasty constructs and methods for implanting the constructs into anatomical structures. The mosaicplasty constructs may be formed from artificial materials and may include a hard articulating portion and a relatively softer elastic, support portion. The mosaicplasty cons ...

Brian Thomas
Oludele O Popoola, David M Miller, Jeffrey P Anderson, Brian H Thomas: Ceramic monoblock implants with osseointegration fixation surfaces. Zimmer, Schwegman Lundberg & Woessner P A, February 2, 2016: US09248020

Monoblock orthopedic and/or dental implants are disclosed. The monoblock implants include a ceramic articulating surface and an osseointegrative bone-contacting surface. Methods of making such implants also disclosed.

Brian Thomas
Brian H Thomas, Donald L Yakimicki, Oludele O Popoola, Michael Wallick: Modified polymeric materials and methods of modifying polymeric materials. Zimmer, Schwegman Lundberg & Woessner P A, January 6, 2015: US08927616

Methods of forming polymeric articles using plasma treated polymer resins, and orthopedic implants comprising a polymeric article wherein the polymeric article has reactive groups bonded to polymer molecules in an interior region of the polymeric article.

Brian Thomas
Brian Thomas, Kai Zhang, Garryl Hudgins, Robert Hodorek: Methods of bonding or modifying hydrogels using irradiation. Zimmer, Schwegman Lundberg & Woessner P A, September 11, 2012: US08262730

This invention provides methods and processes to attach or bond hydrogels to suitable surfaces using irradiation techniques and also provides methods and processes to create crosslinked regions in hydrogel articles using these irradiation techniques. Specifically, lasers at wavelengths tuned to the ...

Charles D Ray, Eugene A Dickhudt: V-thread fusion cage and method of fusing a bone joint. Surgical Dynamics, Fliesler Dubb Meyer & Lovejoy, October 9, 1990: US04961740 (748 worldwide citation)

A fusion cage 10 includes a cage body defining an internal cavity with an inner surface and an outer surface. The outer surface defines a helical thread 12 comprised of a plurality of turns which define valleys 14 therebetween. Located in the valleys 14 are perforations 13 which provide communicatio ...

Daniel E Gerbec, T Wade Fallin, Tom Faciszewski: Adjustable bone fusion implant and method. MedicineLodge, Workman Nydegger & Seeley, May 13, 2003: US06562074 (488 worldwide citation)

An adjustable bone fusion implant includes a first plate having an interior face with a plurality of spaced apart first support members projecting therefrom. Each support member has a plurality of teeth projecting therefrom. A second plate has an interior face with a plurality of spaced apart second ...

Richard B Kaplan: Open cell tantalum structures for cancellous bone implants and cell and tissue receptors. Ultramet, Charles H Schwartz, Ellsworth R Roston, February 1, 1994: US05282861 (468 worldwide citation)

A tantalum open cell structure is formed by chemical vapor deposition onto a reticulated carbon foam substrate. Tantalum has a long history of use as an implant material, in both bone and soft tissue. This lightweight, strong, porous structure, mimicking the microstructure of natural cancellous bone ...

Arnold I Caplan, Stephen E Haynesworth: Method for treating connective tissue disorders. Fay Sharpe Beall Fagan Minnich & McKee, July 13, 1993: US05226914 (416 worldwide citation)

The present invention is directed to various processes and devices for utilizing isolated and culturally expanded marrow-derived mesenchymal cells (i.e. mesenchymal stem cells) for treating skeletal and other connective tissue disorders.