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Decompression of herniated discs in the lumbar spine is carried percutaneously by the insertion of a specially designed cannulated trocar over a guide wire extending through the patient's back toward the herniated disc at an angle of approximately 35 degrees with respect to the patient's perpendicul ...

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An atherectomy catheter for removal of plaque buildup from the walls of a blood vessel. The atherectomy catheter includes a cutter assembly disposed at the distal end of a flexible guide tube that may be inserted into a vessel and directed to the occlusion. A proximal actuator assembly is adapted to ...

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Apparatus for circular surgical stapling of hollow organs comprising an instrument and disposable cartridge assembly. The instrument comprises a housing with a throughbore in which a tube that is received for reciprocation by means of a manually operable squeeze handle. A rod reciprocates within the ...

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A cannula and guide apparatus for use in drilling and wiring fractured bones having generally scissor-like handle arms pivotally joined and having jaw extensions beyond the pivot point. A hollow tubular cannula section is mounted on each jaw extension such that when the handle arms are closed, the c ...

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A surgical instrument and method for cutting and removing body tissue from a body area having a restricted space is provided. The cutter comprises an external cutting tube sized for insertion into the restricted space. The external tube has an opening therein with cutting edges thereon. An internal ...

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A recanalizing catheter comprising a very small diameter, elongated, flexible tubular member having a distal end at which a tool is mounted for high speed rotation. A flexible drive assembly is located within the tubular member to power the tool. In one embodiment the drive assembly comprises a spir ...

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A flexible drive catheter for removing deposits from the inner walls of a blood vessel to increase blood flow through the vessel. The catheter includes an outer sheath and a rotatable core coupled to a distal tip which directly contacts the deposits. An outer surface of the rotatable core defines a ...

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A surgical cutting instrument essentially comprises an outer sheath tube, an inner stationary tube which is disposed within said outer sheath tube such that the distal end of the inner tube projects from the distal end of the outer sheath tube and is provided with a cutting opening for drawing cut t ...

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An attachment for a drill has a cannula attachable to the drill motor and provided with a curved distal portion. A flexible shaft extends through the cannula with a burr connected to its distal end and with its proximal end connectable to the drill motor to be rotated thereby.