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An instrument for breaking apart and removal of unwanted material, especially suitable for surgical operations such cataract removal, including a handheld instrument having an operative tip vibrating at a frequency in the ultrasonic range with an amplitude controllable up to several thousandths of a ...

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The invention deals with surgical instrumentation for the removal of generally foreign objects from the eye, including blood clots and the lens of the eye, by inserting a pair of jaws for engaging the object and removing portions thereof as required by movement of the jaws relative to each other.

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A pneumatically operated intraocular surgery apparatus which is of very light weight and small size, the part inserted into the eye having a diameter of 1 mm. or less. One embodiment of the invention employs a high frequency electric current electrode for cutting or severing vitreous or other materi ...

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Disclosed implant device includes a valve and conduit means for controlling the intra-occular pressure build up in a diseased eye.

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Surgical instrument for taking tissue specimens in which a pair of coaxial tubular members are provided which are formed to have a tissue specimen receiving or flow compartment or provisions for holding the tissue. Each of the tubular members has a cutting or a holding edge and suction is provided t ...

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A flow control system is used in conjunction with a surgical handpiece for the removal of unwanted material in a very small enclosed operative site in which it is very critical to maintain a pressure within a certain range, such as in the surgical operation of the removal of a cataract lens from the ...

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Surgical instrument using ultrasonic energy which are to operate upon tissue including arrangements for shielding ultrasonic transducer probe to prevent energy from being radiated into unwanted areas which also include provisions for applying irrigation fluid and/or suction pressure to desired locat ...

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An ophthalmic instrument is provided for removing vitreous and fibrous bands from the retina of an eye. The instrument consists of two tubes mounted coaxially within one another, and with an opening adjacent the end of the outer tube. Cutting of the vitreous and fibrous bands is performed by a chopp ...

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An instrument for performing delicate surgery on man is provided with a continuous wave laser source specially associated with a binocular surgical microscope. The laser source emits electromagnetic radiation at wavelengths, preferably in the visible light range but also in the near visible infrared ...

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A system for controlling pressurized fluid and suction pressure to be supplied to an instrument, such as an instrument for performing surgical operations. The system permits a variety of flow configurations to the instrument including either pressurized fluid or suction pressure alone or combination ...