Klaus Hafemann
Hafemann Klaus: Tooth brushing apparatus. Wik Far East, March 11, 2003: JP2003-070812

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To suppress wear and ensure a smooth motion, and at the same time, increase a dimensional tolerance which can be allowed at the time of manufacture.SOLUTION: This electrically operated tooth brushing apparatus is equipped with a driving shaft 2 which is rotationally driven, and ...

Klaus Hafemann
Klaus Hafemann: Dental care device. Patent Law Offices of Rick Martin PC, March 6, 2003: US20030041397-A1

An electric dental care device with a care head 7 oscillatingly driven about a rotational axis DV powered by a rotating driving shaft 2. One end of driving shaft 2 has a driving element 17 disposed eccentrically to the rotational axis of the driving shaft 2. The driving element 17 engages a recess o ...

Klaus Hafemann
Hafemann Klaus: Electrical dental care device. Wik Far East, February 26, 2003: EP1285637-A2

An electric toothbrush drive has a drive shaft (2) with eccentric (17) driving the head (7) through a cardan link (6)

Klaus Hafemann
Klaus Hafemann: Electric toothbrush with revolvable brush head. Flanagan & Flanagan, October 31, 2002: US20020157197-A1

An electric toothbrush includes a handle, a brush head defining a brushing plane, and a guide arrangement supported by the handle and, in turn, supporting the brush head to undergo movement along an endless path of revolution having an axis extending substantially parallel to the brushing plane such ...

Klaus Hafemann
Hafemann Klaus: Electric toothbrush. Wik Far East, October 9, 2002: EP1247499-A1

The toothbrush has a rotatably mounted brush head (1) connected to a grip part by a shaft. The brush head is able to perform a rotary motion along a circular path when the motor is activated. It has a rotation axis essentially parallel to the plane of the ends of the brush, which remains in alignmen ...

Yulun Wang, Keith P Laby, Darrin R Uecker, Amante A Mangaser, Modjtaba Ghodoussi: Automated endoscope system for optimal positioning. Computer Motion, Kenneth L Stein, March 2, 1999: US05878193 (680 worldwide citation)

A robotic system that moves a surgical instrument in response to the actuation of a control panel that can be operated by the surgeon. The robotic system has an end effector that is adapted to hold a surgical instrument such as an endoscope. The end effector is coupled to a robotic arm assembly whic ...

Barton L Guthrie, Eric R Cosman: Operating pointer with interactive computergraphics. Radionics, Richard J Birch, July 27, 1993: US05230623 (596 worldwide citation)

This invention relates to any operating pointer or arm apparatus whose position can be detected and read out on a computer and associated graphics display, and where the pointer can be changed from its pointer function to a "3D mouse" so as to alternately by use control the functionality of the comp ...

Edmund F Rybicki, Kenneth Ray Wheeler, Lewis E Hulbert, Manuel Tom Karagianes, Craig R Hassler: Porous expandable device for attachment to bone tissue. Battelle Memorial Institute, Philip M Dunson, March 15, 1977: US04011602 (449 worldwide citation)

A device for attaching to substantially solid living bone tissue, comprising a body member having an outer surface shaped to fit approximately into an empty space in the tissue and having pores into which the tissue can grow to strengthen the bond between the device and the tissue, and adjustable me ...

Michel Poirier: Methods for manufacturing a dental implant drill guide and a dental implant superstructure. Alix Yale & Ristas, March 10, 1998: US05725376 (396 worldwide citation)

Dental implant drill holes and the shape of a dental implant superstructure are chosen by creating a computer model giving jawbone structural details, gum surface shape information and proposed teeth or dental prosthesis shape information. The computer model shows the bone structure, gum surface and ...

Francois Duret, Christian Termoz: Method of and apparatus for making a prosthesis, especially a dental prosthesis. Karl F Ross, Herbert Dubno, May 5, 1987: US04663720 (394 worldwide citation)

A method of making a dental prosthesis in which data representing standard tooth shapes and sizes, relationships between teeth and adjacent and occlusive teeth and characteristics for securing a prosthesis to a prepared site, and machining instructions for shaping a blank to the configuration of a d ...