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An active cannula or sleeve which does more than merely maintain a channel or passage is usable to create and/or enlarge a channel or passage, to position a scope or instrument, to move or locate tissue, etc. The cannula can vary in size or shape as needed, intraoperatively. Because a cannula of the ...

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An apparatus for forming and enlarging percutaneous penetrations comprises an elongate dilation tube which receives an elongate expansion member in an axial lumen thereof. The dilation tube is radially expandable from a small diameter configuration to a larger diameter configuration. The dilation tu ...

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The invention is methods and devices which a surgeon may use to stabilize the beating heart during a surgical procedure on the heart. Pursuant to the invention, a stabilizing device is introduced through an opening in the chest and brought into contact with the beating heart. By contacting the heart ...

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A retractor for use in arthroscopic surgery. The retractor has a mechanical expanding portion for expanding against sub-surface tissues when the retractor is in use. The retractor also has a fluid-operated expanding portion, which may be independently controllable, for expanding against sub-surface ...

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A device for retracting tissue that includes a cannula and a retractor positionable in the working channel of the cannula. The retractor includes a working tip configured to atraumatically displace tissue as the retractor is manipulated through the tissue.

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A surgical access system including a tissue distraction assembly and a tissue retraction assembly, both of which may be equipped with one or more electrodes for use in detecting the existence of (and optionally the distance and/or direction to) neural structures before, during, and after the establi ...

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A pair of disposable plastic forceps includes elongated arms, each having a proximal end portion providing a handle and a distal end portion for attachment of a contacting member to each of the arms, and a hinge for movably connecting the arms to one another to provide adjustment of the forceps, the ...

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The invention relates to a surgical cannula for introducing instruments, scopes or tubing into body cavities or organs. The cannula comprises a conical tubular stem which is formed of thin sheet material, such as beryllium copper, the sheet material being coiled or partially coiled so that if is cap ...

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A surgical retractor comprises a frame on which a plurality of retractor arm mounting members are mounted for movement along the frame, and retractor arms are carried by the mounting members for movement of the arms transversely of the frame, and collapsible and extensible retractor blades are carri ...

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Multilayer structures including a porous layer and a non-porous layer are useful as buttresses when associated with a surgical stapling apparatus.