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The method and apparatus of the invention use ultrasonic energy in the form of mechanical vibrations transmitted by a tool member to close off small severed blood vessels, such as in humans, by the formation of closures at the terminal portions thereof, and stop what is called 'oozes', that requires ...

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An atherectomy system for cutting an obstruction (13) in a patient's vessel, comprising a flexible guide-wire (14) insertable into the vessel, a flexible rotary catheter (15) being rotatably disposed and insertable into the vessel, over the flexible guide-wire (14), cutting means (16) for cutting th ...

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A flexible endoscope with a laser connected thereto for simultaneous viewing and performance of surgery on the interior stomach wall. A low power laser operating in the visible light range with the laser beam directed to one or more individual fiber optic fibers carried on an endoscope for performin ...

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A photothermal structure designed for the uniform application of a photothermal material, such as, for example, a dye or a pigment, to a tissue, e.g., the stratum corneum. In one embodiment, the photothermal structure comprises photothermal material combined with a carrier, such as, for example, an ...

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An interactive system for guiding the use of a surgical tool uses at least one imaging technique, such as CT scanning. A mechanical arm has a fixed base at a first end and a tool holder that holds the surgical tool at a second end. A display displays one or more images from the image space of a pati ...

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The invention involves a method for focusing light comprising the steps of: projecting at least one pulse of light onto the surface of the skin of a patient; collecting at least a portion of the light that is reflected from the skin of the patient; projecting the collected, reflected light onto a de ...

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Myocardial revascularization is performed by an apparatus and method which forms channels in the myocardium from inside the ventricular cavity without penetrating the full thickness of the ventricular wall. A catheter has a fiber optic connected at its handling end to a laser, and terminates at the ...

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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide an articulating surgical instrument incorporating an articulation movement mechanism having a reduced number of mechanical mechanisms to be inserted through a shaft of the articulating surgical instrument.SOLUTION: This surgical instrument 1200 is especially suitable ...

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A tunneling catheter system for percutaneous transluminal angioplasty which includes a catheter for advancement through a patient's arterial system to the vicinity of an arterial stenosis and tunneling means disposed within the catheter for tunneling through the arterial stenosis. Means for centerin ...

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Depilation is effected by use of light energy of a selected frequency band concentrated into a flexible fiber small enough to enter the region of the follicle. This effects photocoagulation tissue in a limited region determined by the placement of the fiber.