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A medical device for simultaneously cutting tissue with a heating element, cauterizing the tissue with heating elements, and stapling the tissue together.

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An electrosurgical instrument has a handle and a body which position and close a jaw about a tissue site for simultaneously cutting and sealing relatively large tissue structures. The jaw includes an electrosurgical cutting member, which may be a blade or wire, against which tissue is biased along a ...

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This patent application is a continuation-in-part of the patent application of the present authors related to target volume ablation in the body using a cooled-tip tissue-heating probe such as a fluid cooled (perfusion cooled) high frequency electrode. The present application relates in part to exam ...

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An electrosurgical medical device and technique for creating thermal welds in the transected margin of engaged tissue. The working end of the invention carries a bi-polar electrode arrangement that provides a novel type of Rf current flow for tissue welding described as an subfascial-to-fascial (or ...

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An electrosurgical instrument and technique for creating thermal seal or welds transected margins of engaged tissue. The working end provides very elongate jaws particularly suited for resecting tissue, such as in a lung resection. The jaw assembly carries a bi-polar electrode arrangement that provi ...

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An electrosurgical working end and method for transecting an anatomic structure along a targeted line and for creating a thermal welds along either of both transected tissue margins, for example for use in a partial lung resection procedure. In one embodiment, the working end provides elongate curve ...

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A method of fusing biomaterial and tissue using radiofrequency energy includes the steps of: providing a vessel sealing instrument having opposing jaw members which are movable relative to one another to compress tissue therebetween. The vessel sealing instrument includes at least one stop member af ...

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An apparatus to treat the skin includes a template having a tissue interface surface and an energy delivery device coupled to the template. The energy delivery device is configured to be coupled to a power source and has a variable resistance portion. A sensor is coupled to one of the template, the ...

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The present invention relates, in general, to electrosurgical instruments and, more particularly, to a feedback light used in cooperation with an electrosurgical instrument. The present invention further comprises first and second moveable jaws. A first electrode is housed within the first moveable ...

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An electrosurgical instrument for performing at least one of sealing and dividing tissue includes a housing having a shaft attached thereto, the shaft defining a longitudinal axis. The electrosurgical instrument also includes a first jaw member movable relative to a second jaw member, the first jaw ...