James F Zucherman, Ken Y Hsu, T Wade Fallin, Henry A Klyce: Spine distraction implant and method. St Francis Medical Technologies, Fliesler Dubb Meyer & Lovejoy, June 13, 2000: US06074390 (359 worldwide citation)

A spine distraction implant alleviates pain associated with spinal stenosis and facet arthropathy by expanding the volume in the spine canal and/or neural foramen. The implant provides a spinal extension stop while allowing freedom of spinal flexion.

James F Zucherman, Ken Y Hsu, Charles J Winslow, Henry A Klyce, John Flynn: Interspinous process distraction system and method with positionable wing and method. St Francis Medical Technologies, Fliesler Dubb Meyer & Lovejoy, February 24, 2004: US06695842 (354 worldwide citation)

An implant that is implanted between adjacent spinous processes for the relief of pain associated with the spine. The device has a spacer to distract apart the adjacent spinous processes. To minimize trauma to the patient, the device has a tapered tissue expander to distract a previously created ope ...

Erik J Wagner, Robert Jones: System and method for stabilizing the human spine with a bone plate. Spinal Concepts, Eric B Meyertons, Conley Rose & Tayon P C, September 24, 2002: US06454769 (354 worldwide citation)

A spinal plate system and method for fixation of the human spine is provided. In an embodiment, the system includes a bone plate, a bone screw and a ring. The bone screw preferably connects the bone plate to a bone, and the ring preferably fixes the bone screw into a borehole of the bone plate such ...

R Charles Ray: System for stabilizing the cervical and the lumbar region of the spine. Danek Medical, Woodard Emhardt Naughton Moriarty & McNett, November 28, 1995: US05470333 (351 worldwide citation)

A system for achieving reduction of curvature of the lumbar region of the spine associated with spondylolisthesis includes a hook assembly attached to vertebra L4, transverse plates affixed to vertebrae L4 and L5, and sacral plates affixed to opposite sides of the sacrum. The hooks and the plates in ...

Fernand Navas: Extra-discal inter-vertebral prosthesis for controlling the variations of the inter-vertebral distance by means of a double damper. PSI, Dowell & Dowell, January 2, 1996: US05480401 (348 worldwide citation)

A prosthesis with double damper performing the function of intervertebral stabilizer which comprises at least two identical elements assembled together and comprising elastic bodies for regulating the bending-stretching movement between two vertebrae so as to approach as closely as possible the phys ...

James C Robinson, Paul Wisnewski, Jonathan Blackwell, W Barry Null: Device for fixation of spinous processes. SDGI Holdings, Krieg DeVault, May 23, 2006: US07048736 (345 worldwide citation)

A fixation device for use in association with ALIF procedures includes a couple of spaced plates having integral spikes on facing surfaces thereof for pressing into spinal processes of adjacent vertebrae. One of the plates has a spherical socket which captures a spherical head end of a post whose ot ...

Roger P Jackson: Polyaxial bone screw with spline capture connection. John C McMahon, April 6, 2004: US06716214 (345 worldwide citation)

A polyaxial bone screw having a bone implantable shank, a head and a retaining ring. The retaining ring includes an outer partial hemispherical surface and an inner bore with radially extending channels and partial capture recesses. The shank includes a bone implantable body with an external helical ...

B Thomas Barker, John Stewart Young, Craig Squires, David Brumfield, Chris Johnson, Dennis J Buchanan: Multi-axial bone screw assembly. SDGI Holdings, Woodard Emhardt Moriarty McNett & Henry, December 9, 2003: US06660004 (341 worldwide citation)

A bottom-loading multi-axial bone anchor apparatus is disclosed. The apparatus includes a receiver member, a crown member, a bone anchor and a retaining member. The receiver member defines an upper opening and a lower opening, which may form part of the same opening, a channel, and a groove. The cro ...

Joseph P Errico, Thomas J Errico, James D Ralph: Selectively expandable sacral fixation screw-sleeve device. Third Millennium Engineering, Joseph P Errico Esq, February 3, 1998: US05713904 (340 worldwide citation)

The present invention is a selectively expandable bone fixation screw-sleeve device which provides substantially greater holding strength in human bone than other bone screw devices. The sleeve element of this invention includes several embodiments, each having at least one corresponding screw eleme ...

Eric Petreto: Spinal instruments, particularly for a rod. Stryker France, Blakely Sokoloff Taylor & Zafman, August 17, 1999: US05938663 (339 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to a spinal instrument for essentially smooth adjustable connecting rods. The spinal instrument has a nut (5) that clamps receiving and locking assembly (8) to a multi-threaded bone anchor member (1). The receiving and locking assembly (8) has a compressible ring (24) disposed ...

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