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Apparatus and a method of inserting spinal implants is disclosed in which an intervertebral space is first distracted, a hollow sleeve having teeth at one end is then driven into the vertebrae adjacent that disc space. A drill is then passed through the hollow sleeve removing disc and bone in prepar ...

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An improved method and instrumentation for performing spinal surgery, including discectomy, interbody fusion and rigid internal fixation of the spine, from the lateral aspect of the spine is disclosed. The surgical procedure can be performed through a very small incision. The instrumentation of the ...

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A dynamic implanted spinal orthosis which preserves at least in part the natural physiological mobility of the vertebrae while effecting and maintaining a correction of the relative positions of the vertebrae without osteosynthesis, graft or fusion, comprising anchoring components fixed to the verte ...

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An artificial spinal implant is disclosed which when placed between two adjacent vertebrae directly participates and is incorporated in the ensuing fusion. Instrumentation and procedure is also disclosed.

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A method and apparatus for the fixation of osteoporotic bones and especially vertebral body compression fractures, Colles' fractures and fractures of the proximal humerus. The method of the present invention includes a series of steps including penetrating the bone having the fracture with a guide p ...

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A spinal fusion implant includes lower and upper plate members dimensioned for at least partial insertion within the intervertebral space defined between adjacent vertebrae. The lower and upper plate members have contacting surfaces for engaging respective vertebral end faces of the adjacent vertebr ...

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The invention relates to a spinal disc endoprosthesis. The endoprosthesis has a resilient body formed of one or more materials which may vary in stiffness from a relatively stiff exterior annular gasket portion to a relatively supple central nucleus portion. Concaval-convex elements at least partly ...

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The present invention discloses a spinal fusion implant that is at least partially cylindrical, made of material appropriate for human implantation and having preferably, but not necessarily, one closed end and one end capable of being closed, such that an internal chamber can be filled and hold any ...

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An oversized spinal implant for translateral insertion into the disc space between two vertebrae a length that is greater than one half of the transverse width of the vertebrae and is greater than the depth of the vertebrae. The translateral implant of the present invention has a height that is grea ...

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A device for stabilizing at least a portion of the spinal column, including a longitudinal member sized to span a distance between at least two vertebral bodies and being at least partially formed of a shape-memory material exhibiting pseudoelastic characteristics at about human body temperature. A ...