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A collapsible plastic bladder-like prosthesis of the same external form as the nucleus pulposis of an intervertebral disc has a stem through which liquid and/or plastic is introduced to inflate the prosthesis to natural form. The top and bottom have stud-like protrusions which fit into sockets which ...

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A surgical instrument 10 having a normally closed valve assembly 20 at its proximal end 28 which may be manually opened to receive an implement 40 terminating in a sharp blade 46 and point 48 for puncturing the wall 82 of an anatomical cavity 84. During penetration of a cavity wall, an inner sleeve ...

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An apparatus and method for forming and enlarging percutaneous penetrations comprises an elongate dilation member which receives an elongate expansion member in an axial lumen thereof. The dilation tube includes a tubular braid which usually comprises a mesh of non-elastic filaments which are radial ...

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An insertion device that includes an insertable portion adapted to be inserted into and retained in an animal body and an ex vivo portion that is adapted to be worn while the insertable portion remains inserted. The device further includes a trocar that is adapted to insert the insertable portion in ...

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For causing a pinprick on a user's skin to obtain a drop of blood, a movable holder which holds a pin, actuated by a spring, is tensioned.

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This application is directed to a surgical stapling device for performing circular anastomoses. The surgical stapling device includes a handle portion, an elongated body portion and a head portion including an anvil assembly and a shell assembly. The handle portion includes a rotatable approximation ...

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A method for establishing a surgical port for endoscopic or arthroscopic surgery is disclosed. A trocar is initially provided, and the obturator of the trocar includes a flat cutting blade, a shield that moves proximally and distally from a precock position to an extended position, a precock lever t ...

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In the present invention, a cordless capacitively coupled electrosurgical instrument is adapted to receive electrosurgical energy from a specially designed trocar or trocar adapter. In one embodiment of the present invention, a capacitively coupled electrosurgical instrument includes a handle, an el ...

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An improved trocar sleeve (10) is disclosed for use in laparoscopic surgery. The sleeve (10) is provided with an expanded mushroom hinge (20) at the first end (14) of the sleeve inserted into the abdominal cavity. The mushroom hinge (20) can be expanded within the abdominal cavity to abut against th ...

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(EN) The invention relates to a surgical instrument for fixing an element, especially an implant, in a body by means of a fixing element. Said fixing element is arranged in or on a carrier (25), especially in a canula, on a traction element and/or a pressure element (4) guided in a guide (3) along a ...