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Orthopedic drill guide apparatus for use in drilling a bore in a fractured bone such as a trochanter for receipt of a pin. The apparatus includes a portable pistol device having aiming means mounted on the top thereof for alignment with an X-ray image-producing target placed over such fractured troc ...


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A bone-cutting guide having a base with a cylindrical tunnel for guiding a cutting instrument therethrough. The guide is anchored to the bone in at least three locations. A positioning arm having a distal end anchors the guide within a joint. An anchoring pin is insertable through the base alongside ...

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An improved assembly for use in techniques wherein substantially rigid shafts are employed for joining opposed segments of a fractured bone, including a clamp characterized by an elongated body of a generally C-shape configuration having a fixed jaw projected laterally from one end thereof, for enga ...

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A hand instrument and method for use by a surgeon to target the appropriate entry point and trajectory on bony tissue through which an instrument, such as a nail, pin, screw, rod, wire, drill bit, or other implant is passed. Imbedded within the instrument is at least one relatively radio-opaque targ ...

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A drill guide assembly for producing a tunnel in a bone comprises a rack having a probe portion for engagement with a desired bony landmark, and a tool holder portion for holding tools for penetrating the bone. The probe portion is provided with an orifice therethrough. The tool holder portion is ad ...

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A surgical drilling guide for guiding a drilling tool, measuring its penetration depth, and protecting surrounding tissue. The guide has a sleeve and a plunger that telescopes within the sleeve. The plunger and the sleeve have axial bores adapted to slidably receive a portion of the tool that protru ...

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La présente invention concerne un dispositif de visée- distal pour fixation par clou de verrouillage.

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A spinal stabilization system (100) may be formed in a patient. In some embodiments, a minimally invasive procedure may be used to form a spinal stabilization system (100) in a patient. Bone fastener assemblies (102) may be coupled to vertebrae. Each bone fastener assembly (102) may include a bone f ...

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The present invention is directed to a surgical cutting guide for guiding a surgical instrument along a cutting path located on a biological tissue. The surgical guide includes a contact surface that conforms to a surface associated with the tissue and at least one guide for restricting movement of ...