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An articulating surgical instrument suited for endoscopic use includes a lateral articulation control into a handle portion that provides an intuitive visual and tactile indication to the clinician as to the amount and direction of articulation of an end effector at a distal end of a shaft. Lateral ...

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A surgical stapling and severing instrument particularly suited to endoscopic articulates an end effector by having a general articulation mechanism that converts rotational motion from a handle portion. A firing bar longitudinally translates between the handle portion and the end effector. The firi ...

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The present invention relates to an improved surgical stapler that prevents refiring of a spent staple cartridge. More specifically, this invention includes a simple, inexpensive mechanical locking mechanism which prevents refiring of a spent staple cartridge by blocking the path of the firing and/o ...

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A staple and stapler for injecting the staple in a manner so that the staple maintains a near constant width upon penetration of material to be joined and during staple closure/forming such that material perturbation and staple to staple spacing may be minimized. The staple has a rectilinear bridge ...

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An improved surgical staple is disclosed wherein predetermined regions of the staple legs are weakened to cause bending and deformation of said legs in a controlled manner. The staple provides a uniform compression of a tissue into which it is inserted.

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