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A polycrystalline translucent aluminum oxide ceramic material having an average grain size of no greater than 1.0 micron and a Contrast Ratio value of less than about 0.7. The material can be in the form of a dental mill blank, dental prosthesis or other dental article or non-dental article.

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A system and method for eye examination by scanning light scattered from an area of the retina and projecting light into the eye includes a scanner, a receiver unit, and a projection unit. The scanner is constructed and arranged to scan an area on the retina. The receiver unit is optically coupled t ...

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A method for testing a plurality of regions in a color space to identify any of, or a subcombination of, the following color vision deficiencies: protanopia, deuteranopia, tritanopia, and related anomalies. A set of distractor colors is distributed across a region of color space such that the confus ...

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An ophthalmic lens with high definition, wide field of view and high magnification has, in one embodiment, a contact lens, an intermediate field lens and an image lens wherein a real image is formed inside the field lens. At least two of the lenses contribute to the magnification and three surfaces ...

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A gonioscopy lens employs a plurality of mirror sets so that substantially the entire periphery of the anterior chamber of an eye can be viewed without rotating or moving the contact lens. Each mirror set comprises a first mirror position anterior to the eye on one side of the optical axis and a sec ...

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A system and a method for automated, electrophysiological assessment of visual function in glaucoma suspects and patients is provided using visual evoked potentials measured in response to periodic stimuli presented to the patients. The method may be comprised of the steps of entering a patient's in ...

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The gonioscope of the invention comprises a hollow tapered body with mirror surfaces formed on the inner side of the gonioscope or on the inserts placed into the recesses on the inner surface of the gonioscope. Several reflecting surfaces arranged at the same or different angles can be used. The dev ...

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The present invention relates to a device and methods for contrast sensitivity measurement. The device and the methods make it possible to precisely measure the contrast sensitivity of a subject within a short period of time. The device comprises a contrast target display part 100 for displaying con ...

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According to at least one of the disclosed embodiments of the present invention, there is provided a vision therapy system and method which relates to the viewing of differently colored images through a pair of differently colored lenses for the eyes of the user, where at least one of the colored im ...

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The infant eye trainer is a device that is mountable on a baby bottle for strengthening and developing infant eyesight. The device utilizes interchangeable media producing an image on a display, which may be viewed by the infant while drinking from the bottle. A variety of images designed to improve ...