Tim Strandell
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A new platform (sometimes referred to as a "caddy") for transporting a carpet cleaning machine includes a base for supporting the machine and a machine restraint mechanism for releasably coupling the machine and the platform to one another. The platform also has wheels (or an elongated roller-like w ...




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An autonomous floor-cleaning robot comprises a self-adjusting cleaning head subsystem that includes a dual-stage brush assembly having counter-rotating, asymmetric brushes and an adjacent, but independent, vacuum assembly such that the cleaning capability and efficiency of the self-adjustable cleani ...

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A robot obstacle detection system including a robot housing which navigates with respect to a surface and a sensor subsystem having a defined relationship with respect to the housing and aimed at the surface for detecting the surface. The sensor subsystem includes an optical emitter which emits a di ...

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A zone of a floor to be cleaned is subdivided into a plurality of blocks, the position of each block is memorized in a memory of a self-running cleaning apparatus, and the status of each block such that a wall or an obstacle is placed on the block or the block is passed by the cleaning apparatus the ...

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A robotic cleaning apparatus is disclosed. The apparatus includes an automatically controlled cleaning machine and coded reflective targets used to provide information to the cleaning machine for positioning it along desired cleaning paths. The apparatus determines it position on a real time basis, ...

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The invention relates to a floor dusting device comprising a self-contained mobile machine provided with two wheels and a suction means, a dust-container, an obstacle avoiding and detection means and an electronic control unit having a microprocessor. The device is also provided with a central devic ...

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A self-propelled cleaning device with wireless remote control includes a body, a driving device on the body for moving the same rotatably about its axis or in a straight line along the underlying ground surface, and a vacuum cleaning device carried on the body with its suction port open to the under ...