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A bathtub which can be inflated about a bed-ridden patient with minimum inconvenience to the patient is disclosed. Inflatable tubular cells form the sidewalls which support an impermeable liner forming an enclosure. A cover extends between the sidewalls. Conduits for water supply and drainage commun ...

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The method of forming an inflatable tub that includes shaping inner and outer plastic sheets to form tub upright side walls and end walls, and corners between the walls; bonding the sheets at each wall to form panels bonded together at certain locations, and introducing inflation fluid between the s ...

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An inflatable liner for a standard kitchen sink has a bottom, sides, and ends formed from contiguous inflatable ribs. The sides and ends are formed from horizontal ribs which extend above the level of the sink. An inflatable pillow with an air valve in its lower side extends from one end of the line ...

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An inflatable hot tub is provided with one or more stacked endless loops of inflatable tubes and sidewalls and a floor or bottom wall. An insulating cover, preferably secured around its entire periphery with an elastic band to the topmost tube, is manually removable and provides insulation by prefer ...

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A bathing apparatus for washing persons bedridden or unable to bathe themselves which apparatus has a body enclosure with lowerable side panels whereby persons can easily be placed in position for washing.

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A variable size, portable above-the-ground swimming pool comprising a frame portion having a flexible liner portion attached thereto. The frame portion includes a plurality of first wall members which are of a first length. Attached to and extending between the top ends of the first wall members are ...

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A collapsible, gas-inflatable hot tub which is for use in locations where hot water is not accessible or where hot baths are not available. The water of the hot tub is solar heated by making the walls of the water-holding receptacle black, and by providing an insulating cover for the water-holding r ...

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An improved portable bathing apparatus useful for washing toxic substances from a patient in a prone position includes a support platform mounted on a support frame, a circumferential rail with a sheet attached to the rail, the rail being movable between a position parallel with the table to a posit ...

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Apparatus for aiding in the showering of bathing of bed patients, which apparatus includes disposable non-porous sheets adapted to be fitted within a basin for collecting shower and bath water after use. The basin is removable from the bathing apparatus frame structure so that it may easily be maneu ...

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An auxiliary bathtub mounted above a conventional bathtub for use by invalids. The bathtub includes a rectangular frame approximating the shape of the conventional bathtub formed by a pair of parallel end walls and side walls. A flexible, waterproof liner extends between the side and end walls and a ...