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A display table is provided having a table top with a top surface to receive articles to be displayed and a front face of substantial vertical depth containing an elongated recess substantially parallel to the top surface and a rigid elongated generally U-shaped member inlaid in said recess and adap ...

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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To prevent pulling out of a rack plate due to mischief for a pulling-out type product exhibit rack provided in a showcase and realize simple and easy locking/unlocking operation of the rack plate.SOLUTION: This product exhibit rack device consists of a rack bracket 8 which is l ...

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A modular display assembly comprised of a plurality of modular elements which may be joined to define as assembly of desired configuration. The modular elements have means for receiving and supporting side panels, shelves or sliding doors.

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The invention relates to a display (20) comprising a package pusher (44) operated by a coiled spring (56, 103) and slidable within a slot (64) to push packages (36) forward to the front of a shelf (22), the pusher being laterally movable to accommodate various sized packages at various lateral posit ...

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A dispenser for nuts or candy is a tilting container having a normally vertical tube extending to near the bottom of the container with a pair of scoops transverse to the pivotal motion of the container and spaced apart so a few of the nuts or candies collect between the scoops when the container is ...

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A one piece resilient clip member for supporting a drawer divider including converging side walls for frictionally engaging the divider and a plurality of abutments having ridges and being adapted for cooperative insertion within pre-formed transversely extending grooves in a drawer.

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An assembly device for assembling the constituents of a piece of furniture. It comprises a first element over at least a portion of which is provided a groove whose cross-section is at least partially circularly shaped and which emerges on the lateral surface of the element in a slot whose width is ...

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The combination of a mobile merchandiser cart for the transportation, storage and display of food and beverage products from the production source to the retail consumer, and a refrigerated showcase having a cart product area for receiving a merchandiser cart with a complementary fit.

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A joint assembly for the fabrication of building units, furniture, display cases and the like, including basically at least two main joint bodies having a plurality of panel receiving grooves, each formed in a different direction, and a plurality of coupling grooves for combining the two main joint ...

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A display device for displaying merchandise such as a selection of prerecorded tape cartridges and cassettes, having a housing with a plurality of vertically pivotal holders in which tape cassettes, cartridges and similar merchandise can be displayed so that the information printed in the exterior o ...