James S Adams, Leslie Dale Foster, William H Peck: Guard including electrical controls and slidable underneath the bed. Hill Rom Company, Robert V Jambor, January 20, 1976: US03932903 (106 worldwide citation)

Bed guard rotatable between elevated and lowered positions and slidable from the latter to a position underneath the bed. While elevated, it prevents accidental falling off, and when underneath, it allows facile patient management and movement of the bed through narrow passageways. Where the bed inc ...

Quentin Young: Child restraint device. Rock A Bye Restraint Company, Workman Nydegger & Jensen, August 9, 1988: US04762364 (104 worldwide citation)

An adjustable child restraint car seat comprises a base which can be attached to the seat of a vehicle by the vehicles lap belts. A seat having a reclinable back portion is latch locked onto a pivot which is swivel mounted on the base. A first adjustable means for holding the reclinable back in fixe ...

James M Dillner, Nathanael Saint: Foldable playyard. Graco Metal Products, Panitch Schwarze Jacobs & Nadel, March 14, 1989: US04811437 (88 worldwide citation)

Foldable playyard comprising upper and lower frame assemblies. The lower frame assembly comprises a unitary central hub member, corner leg connecting members preferably in the form of support feet, and hub legs diverging radially outwardly from the hub member. The upper frame assembly includes corne ...

Louis Shamie: Combination foldable playpen and dressing/changing table. Burgess Ryan and Wayne, August 23, 1994: US05339470 (87 worldwide citation)

A combination playpen and dressing/changing table, includes a frame including an upper frame assembly, a lower frame assembly, a plurality of corner legs, each leg having an upper end and a lower end, and connecting means for interconnecting the upper frame assembly to the upper ends of the corner l ...

James R Anthony, Peter E Miller, Vance P Voorhis, Gerald W Thompson: Child seat mount with anti-twist web mechanism. Indiana Mills and Manufacturing, Woodard Emhardt Naughton Moriarty & McNett, December 9, 1997: US05695243 (76 worldwide citation)

A mounting arrangement for securing a child seat to a vehicle passenger seat. A web has opposite ends with buckles mounted thereto lockingly engageable with tongues extending from the vehicle passenger seat. The web extends into a tube rotatably mounted to the child seat preventing twisting of the w ...

John V Mariol: Playyard and bassinet combination. Lisco, September 10, 1996: US05553336 (76 worldwide citation)

A bassinet and playyard combination comprising a playyard and a bassinet, the playyard having a lower frame member and an upper frame member defining an opening therebetween. Vertically extending rails between the upper and lower frame members with corner pieces join the corners of the upper frame m ...

Eric P Rose: Foldable rolling walker. Guardian Products, Christie Parker & Hale, March 13, 1990: US04907794 (75 worldwide citation)

A foldable rolling walker having a high crossbar for easier walking convenience, height adjustable handles centered over offset wheels for greater stability, lockable pivoting front wheels and reversible brakes. The overall design is compact, lightweight and very stable. The walker includes a seat r ...

John S Rafalko: Portable infant protective pad. Gold, Chester E Martine Jr, December 6, 1988: US04788726 (74 worldwide citation)

A pad for protecting an infant is provided with a panel having opposite sides that are spaced to provide a flat support surface large enough for receiving the infant, such as a sleeping or supine infant, to enable changing of the clothes worn by the infant, for example. The panel has a continuous ed ...

Thomas S Hargest, William M Hargest: Sudden infant death syndrome prevention apparatus and method and patient surface. Dority & Manning PA, August 4, 1998: US05787534 (73 worldwide citation)

A safety pad or mattress such as for use in a crib prevents sudden infant death syndrome by ensuring an oxygenated breathing space for the infant. Reticulated foam is made into a pad or a mattress and may be covered with a fitted open weave fabric covering. An embedded air tube is interconnected wit ...

McDonald Quentin H, Panicci Richard L, Casavant Roger M, Nowak Ralph M: Baby seat and collapsible support frame. McDonald Quentin H, March 14, 1972: US3649074 (73 worldwide citation)

The baby seat is supported on the collapsible support frame by an interlocking relationship. The baby seat when not supported on the support frame has a pivotal extension bar at the rear which increases the support base area for the seat. The seat is adjustable into a number of inclined positions.

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