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A protective case is provided for receiving and supporting a medication infusion pump of the type used to deliver a selected medication such as insulin to a patient. The protective case comprises a transparent housing of impact resistant material for slide-fit reception of the pump, in combination w ...

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Disclosed is a portable structure, a principal utility for which is a tent or the like. The support for the structure typically comprises a continuous loop of a flexible coilable resilient material such as flat spring steel stock. The support is secured to the fabric of the structure at a plurality ...

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Disclosed is a portable structure having principal utility as a tent. The support for the structure comprises a continuous loop of a flexible, coilable, resilient material such as flat spring steel stock. The support is secured to the fabric of the structure at at least a plurality of points and pre ...

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A water system that allows a bicyclist to drink liquids anytime he desires. The system has a collapsible container of water or other liquid stored within a flexible back pack that is removably secured at a location between the shoulders of the bicyclist. A resilient mouthpiece adapted to be held in ...

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A portable power supply has a body case, an attaching portion, an input portion, a voltage lowering portion, a storage battery, an output portion and heat radiating means. The body case has two opposing major surfaces and two sections divided by a prescribed reference line. The attaching portion is ...

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A portable canopy structure may be erected from a collapsed state to an expanded state that shelters a desired surface. The canopy structure includes a dome-like covering that is held in position by a support framework having a plurality of upright support members that are interconnected by a plural ...

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A quick-erect collapsible shelter having four or more telescoping legs, connected by a framework which includes pluralities of X-shaped linkages and a slider on each leg to provide interconnecting truss between the legs and support for a covering canopy.

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An integral map holder and mounting system for attachment to an interchangeable strap. The strap allows the map or printed matter enclosed within the holder system to be worn on a limb or over a garment, typically at the wrist area, for easy and immediate referral during various activities such as s ...

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A releasably mountable hand grip adapted to be mounted to a handle(s) associated with a plastic bag, totebag, collapsible luggage, briefcase and the like is disclosed. The hand grip includes an elongated tubular body having an inner and outer wall and opposite open ends. Opposed curvilinear sections ...

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A back pack having an enclosed volume suitable for storing and transporting materials, the back pack including shoulder straps and a belt for supporting the back pack upon a wearer, the belt constituting a climbing harness with attached, preferably storable, groin straps and a releasable attachment ...