John H Livingston, Ward K Frye, Jeffrey F Field: Proctective case for a medication infusion pump. MiniMed, Kelly Bauersfeld & Lowry, December 6, 1994: US05370622 (352 worldwide citation)

A protective case is provided for receiving and supporting a medication infusion pump of the type used to deliver a selected medication such as insulin to a patient. The protective case comprises a transparent housing of impact resistant material for slide-fit reception of the pump, in combination w ...

Lowell R Norman: Portable structure. Robert E Pollock, June 1, 1976: US03960161 (177 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is a portable structure, a principal utility for which is a tent or the like. The support for the structure typically comprises a continuous loop of a flexible coilable resilient material such as flat spring steel stock. The support is secured to the fabric of the structure at a plurality ...

Lowell Robert Norman: Portable structure. November 9, 1976: US03990463 (170 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is a portable structure having principal utility as a tent. The support for the structure comprises a continuous loop of a flexible, coilable, resilient material such as flat spring steel stock. The support is secured to the fabric of the structure at at least a plurality of points and pre ...

James M Edison, Arthur D Henderson: Camel back. Fastrak Systems, Marcus L Bates, October 29, 1991: US05060833 (115 worldwide citation)

A water system that allows a bicyclist to drink liquids anytime he desires. The system has a collapsible container of water or other liquid stored within a flexible back pack that is removably secured at a location between the shoulders of the bicyclist. A resilient mouthpiece adapted to be held in ...

Ichiro Shirai, Kazuhiko Sakuragi: Portable power supply. Nintendo, Nixon & Vanderhye, May 28, 1991: US05019767 (114 worldwide citation)

A portable power supply has a body case, an attaching portion, an input portion, a voltage lowering portion, a storage battery, an output portion and heat radiating means. The body case has two opposing major surfaces and two sections divided by a prescribed reference line. The attaching portion is ...

Mark C Carter: Boniard I Brown, August 26, 1986: US04607656 (108 worldwide citation)

A quick-erect collapsible shelter having four or more telescoping legs, connected by a framework which includes pluralities of X-shaped linkages and a slider on each leg to provide interconnecting truss between the legs and support for a covering canopy.

James P Lynch: Collapsible canopy structure. Timothy J Martin, February 10, 1987: US04641676 (103 worldwide citation)

A portable canopy structure may be erected from a collapsed state to an expanded state that shelters a desired surface. The canopy structure includes a dome-like covering that is held in position by a support framework having a plurality of upright support members that are interconnected by a plural ...

Devlin Edward J: Drinking utensil. Glacier Incorporated, Fitch Even Tabin & Luedeka, October 8, 1974: US3840153 (98 worldwide citation)

A drinking utensil includes a container having flexible walls and a conduit extending into the container. A valve is applied to the conduit to control the flow of a beverage which is dispensed when a pressure is applied to the flexible walls of the container. A capsule that contains a refrigerant is ...

Lance Shetler, Sheldon B Moberg, Dave Kimball: Rotational holster for an electronic device. Medtronic Minimed, Foley & Lardner, June 22, 2004: US06752299 (96 worldwide citation)

A holster is provided with a clip portion for clipping to a user's belt or other suitable location and a harness portion for holding an electronic device, such as, but not limited to, a medical infusion pump. The holster may include a rotation mechanism that allows the holster to be rotated in ...

Greg E Lowe, Michael R Lowe: Back pack having a releasable climbing harness. Lowe Alpine Systems, O Rourke and Harris, March 9, 1982: US04318502 (95 worldwide citation)

A back pack having an enclosed volume suitable for storing and transporting materials, the back pack including shoulder straps and a belt for supporting the back pack upon a wearer, the belt constituting a climbing harness with attached, preferably storable, groin straps and a releasable attachment ...

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