Eric Yu
游士弘, 林浩贤: 电子产品保护套、电子产品及电子产品套装. 苏州佳世达电通有限公司, 佳世达科技股份有限公司, January 9, 2013: CN201210308736.6


Craig Allen
Allen Craig: Pocketed bicep cuff. Law Offices Of Clement Cheng, November 5, 2009: US20090272774-A1

The pocketed bicep cuff has retention on a bicep at a bulge area. The bulge area is designed to bulge with a human bicep. The bulging constricts the lower side and the upper side against the bicep so that articles in a pocket section do not move when the arm is moved. A zipper provides access to the ...


Nona J White: Protective case for remote control transmitter. February 14, 1995: US05388691 (112 worldwide citation)

A case protecting the buttons of and supporting a remote control transmitter, the transmitter including an opening to receive a key chain ring, the case further including a container and a rigid clear plastic cover-panel that is slidable by one's thumb. The cover-panel is fitted within two side groo ...

Robert V Plath: Wheeled suitcase and luggage support. Malin Haley McHale DiMaggio & Crosby, February 26, 1991: US04995487 (111 worldwide citation)

A luggage assembly comprising a suitcase having integrally connected thereto a laterally extendable handle at its upper end and a wheel assembly at its lower end is disclosed. To effect transport, the handle is moved from a lowered, compact, position to a raised position and the suitcase is tilted f ...

Dale Hollingsworth: Carrying case for laptop computer. June 8, 1993: US05217119 (107 worldwide citation)

An improved carrying case for a laptop computer or other delicate electronic instrument is generally rectangular, having front and rear walls. A suspension system for the laptop computer or other equipment includes a cradle suspended from the front and rear walls for receiving a laptop computer, and ...

Robert J Fisher: Inflatable luggage. Warren F B Lindsley, August 30, 1977: US04044867 (105 worldwide citation)

Inflatable luggage that may be designed, fabricated and produced in any geometric shape or form utilizing heat sealable flexible material having side, top, bottom and end walls at least some of which have communicating air chambers and passages for providing an inflatable semi-rigid enclosure. When ...

Stephen Lewicki, Gregory David Lewicki, Stephen Jon Lewicki: Inflatable cellular assemblies of plastic material. Samuel Lebowitz, February 28, 1978: US04076872 (101 worldwide citation)

Pneumatic structural and cushioning material of plastic sheets, bands, and/or tubes, which are compartmentized into a plurality of chambers. The material is capable of convenient and economical storage and shipment in a collapsed state and rapid inflation to an operative state at the point of use. T ...

James G Domke: Camera and accessory case. Steele Gould & Fried, April 7, 1981: US04260004 (99 worldwide citation)

A camera bag or the like, including an insert comprising a compartmentalized member having collapsible walls and a bottom and attachment means for selectively securing the collapsible member at a plurality of locations within the bag, each of the compartments of the insert being selectively collapsi ...

Douglas J Golenz, James A Reiner, Jack W Renforth, David E Workman: Computer bag with side accessible padded compartments. Samsonite Corporation, Gregory W O Connor, Rod D Baker, February 27, 1996: US05494157 (98 worldwide citation)

Dozens of companies offer many different types of cases specifically designed to carry microcomputers. One type of microcomputer, the laptop style, can be carried by hand or from a shoulder strap in such cases. Unfortunately, as these microcomputers become more powerful tools for scientists, student ...

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