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A fitting device for an ornamental accessory is made up of a pair of connecting members each having a cylindrical portion on an end to be fitted together in a rotatable manner relative to each other. One of the connecting members has at its fitting end at least one piece of guide grooves formed in s ...

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A strap for holding a wristwatch has a pair of separable flexible strap ends adapted to curve around the wrist and to overlap one another to provide an overlapped section. At least one strap end of thermoplastic material has particles of permanently magnetizable material embedded in the thermoplasti ...

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A magnetic fastener using a permanent magnet. A first ferromagnetic plate and a permanent magnet attached thereto are mounted on a body of a handbag or the like, and a second ferromagnetic plate is mounted on a cover thereof so that the second ferromagnetic plate may be magnetically fastened to the ...

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An end attachment for watch bands which permits use of a watch band with wrist watches having different spacings between their attachment lugs. The attachment includes a generally tubular insert member which includes at least one outwardly biased, inherently resilient tab, at least one side of the t ...

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An adaptor attachable to the watch casing of a watch is structured with attachment means for being secured to the watchband securement means of the watch casing, and is further structured with watchband retaining structure which allows attachment of a watchband by means different than is provided on ...

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A clasp for securing together two objects, such as the two ends of a bracelet, comprises a housing and a connecting element adapted to be slid into the housing. The housing carries a catch which engages with the connecting element to retain the latter in the housing. The act of releasing the catch c ...

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Link for a wristwatch, characterized in that it comprises a central core connecting a lower wing and an upper wing.

PAVILLON OLIVIER: [fr] Dispositif dattache dun bracelet a une carrure de montre, [de] Befestigungsvorrichtung eines Armbands an einem Armbanduhrgehäuse, [en] Device for attaching a watchstrap to a watch middle. GRISOGONO DE, September 11, 2013: EP2636328-A1 (130 worldwide citation)

[en] The device (2) has a fastener (54) intended to be interdependent at middle (4). A connection element (56) presents a mechanical connection with the fastener, and is intended to be integral from an end of a strap. The connection is arranged such that the connection element presents a rotational ...

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A wearable modular interface strap device for supporting multiple module units comprising a flexible strap with a plurality of electrically connected nodes acting as docking points to serial bus interface and mechanically connect removable modules, with the strap being 10 mechanically lockable in a ...