Method of dyeing hair. Schwarzkopf Verwaltung G M B H, Hans Schwarzkopf, May 29, 1969: GB1153196-A (297 worldwide citation)

1,153,196. Dyeing hair. SCHWARZKOPF VERWULTUNG G.m.b.H. [trading as HANS SCHWARZKOPF] 8 June, 1966 [7, July, 19651, No. 25567/66. Addition to 1,026,978. Heading D1B. The invention provides a process for dyeing hair in which oxidation dyes cured are 2,5- diaminopyridines substituted in the 2 - amino ...

Sprague Jr Gordon V: Adhesive process. USM Corporation, Pollard Benjamin C, White Vincent A, Megley Richard B, October 7, 1975: US3911173 (266 worldwide citation)

Process for applying adhesive to a surface, particularly for attaching a tread member to a shoe in which an adhesive applicator including a jet providing a gas stream having a rotational component is constructed to extrude viscous fluid adhesive to form a filament and to lay down the filament while ...

Gene W Kammerer, Jack S Pedlick, Keith A Seritella: Applicator and method for deploying a surgical fastener in tissue. Mitek Surgical Products, Pandiscio & Pandiscio, August 24, 1999: US05941439 (227 worldwide citation)

An applicator for deploying a fastener into tissue, the fastener including a head portion and a filament portion extending from the head portion, the applicator comprising an elongated hollow needle member having a pointed distal end portion, a slotted portion for releasably retaining the head of th ...

David Frankel, Leo Beiser: Method and apparatus for use in making custom shoes. Martin M Novack, May 17, 1988: US04745290 (172 worldwide citation)

The disclosure is directed to a method and apparatus for making a custom shoe based on non-contact measurements of a particular subject's foot. A foot is placed at an inspection position, and a laser beam is directed at the foot, and scanned in a predetermined pattern over the surface of the foot. T ...

Mamoru Nishida: Process for producing a shoe-shaped part from a web of material and resulting shoe-shaped part. Tretorn, Sixbey Friedman Leedom & Ferguson, September 13, 1994: US05345638 (147 worldwide citation)

For the production of a shoe upper by cutting out of the shoe upper in the form of a layout from a web of material, shaping of the shoe upper with connection of material parts of the layout with formation of seams, a process is used by which such shoe uppers can be produced in a timesaving and effic ...

Andreias Lysech, Joaschim Luel: Method and device for precisionly guiding processing tool having robot. Clerkna Desma Shoe Making Equipment, zeng li, September 5, 2001: CN01103807 (136 worldwide citation)

To provide a method for guiding a tool so that the pressing force of the tool to a work is made constant regardless of the position and the angle position in a space. The angle position of the tool in the space is calculated by robot control via a separate robot program at the prescribed time interv ...

安德烈亚斯・利塞克, 约阿希姆・吕尔: 对带有机器人的加工刀具进行精确引导的方法和装置. 克勒克纳-德斯马制鞋设备有限公司, 曾立, 永新, September 5, 2001: CN01103807.1 (136 worldwide citation)


Florence Melton: Slipper sock and method of manufacture. Watson Cole Grindle & Watson, March 2, 1982: US04317292 (97 worldwide citation)

An improved slipper sock which conforms to the foot of the wearer is formed as follows: the bottom of the foot portion of a stretchable knitted sock, which is in a stretched condition on a foot form, has temporarily attached to the exposed side thereof a thin and flexible bottom sole by use of dots ...

Roy D Blair: Athletic shoe outer sole for improved traction. Robert T Dunn, April 20, 1993: US05203097 (79 worldwide citation)

An athletic shoe for use on a relatively hard playing surface has an outer ground sole with grooves therein that define ribs between adjacent grooves, particularly in the toe and ball areas of the sole, is characterized in that the grooves are generally arranged in concentric curves with reference t ...

Paul D Rolloff, Reginald T Lamb: System and method for forming custom-made shoe inserts. Amfit, Roland I Griffin, October 31, 1989: US04876758 (72 worldwide citation)

A foot impression unit is provided with an array of gauging elements, a control mechanism for urging the gauging elements into contact with the undersurface of a person's foot to form an impression of the undersurface of the foot, a locking mechanism for releasably locking the gauging elements in pl ...

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