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An athletic shoe including an upper and a sole. The sole includes a cushioning bladder including a sealed, fluid-filled tube disposed about the perimeter of the shoe. In one embodiment, the bladder includes lateral and medial portions extending about the heel and forwardly towards the forefoot to de ...

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This is a sole with compressible shock absorbers which not only provides an improved shock absorbing function but also provides more comfort for the wearer. The shock absorbers consist of a polygonal replaceable air bellows placed in a polygonal recess on the forefoot section of the shoe and a cylin ...

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The present invention includes a method for forming a resilient bladder structure for use in the sole of footwear. The method comprises the steps of forming a shell from a flexible material to have a floor and a perimeter sidewall extending from the floor; placing a core, having spaced apart outer s ...

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In one embodiment, the sole-and-heel structure includes an outer member having a sole portion and a heel portion. A bulge is molded into the heel portion and a bulge is molded into the sole portion in the metatarsal region thereof. A thin sealing member is attached to the outer member with adhesive ...

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An athletic shoe has a sole with a rearfoot strike zone segmented from the remaining heel area by a line of flexion which permits articulation of the strike zone during initial heel strike of a runner. The line of flexion is located to delimit a rearfoot strike zone reflecting the heel to toe runnin ...

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An athletic shoe has an air pressurizable inner sole received in a compartment between the sole and the upper so as to be free to move therein except for the location at which the valve formation of the inner sole passes through the wall of this compartment.

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A bladder for use as a cushioning element and footwear incorporating the bladder. The enclosed core is formed of spaced apart first and second fabric layers connected together by a plurality of connecting yarns. The shell is formed of see-through plastic material whereby the connecting yarns are vis ...

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A protective cage for footwear bladders is disclosed. The protective cage includes a cage base and a plurality of support members that extend outwardly from the cage base. The support members extend across the side wall of the bladder to protect the device from abrasion and to prevent fatigue. The u ...

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A jogging shoe has an adjustable shock absorbing system for the heel impact surface in the form of an inflatable air chamber with downwardly extending pump-like pegs and the hollow cavity interiors in communication with the air chamber. When the jogging shoe impacts against the running surface, the ...