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An conditioning system is shown for a helmet having an impact resistant body with an exterior, an interior which defines a head receiving cavity, a front region and having a back region which is located adjacent a lower edge of the helmet body. A first opening is provided in the helmet body located ...

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This quick-change sweat band or pad is designed to be comfortable and is attached to the existing sweat band manufactured in a cap or other head-wear or garments. Primarily, it consists of a loop pile fastener adhered permanently to the existing sweat band or garment, and a hook pile fastener is sim ...

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A sweatband which has a first component for absorbing copious quantities of perspiration from a user's skin and a second component for holding the first component against that part of the user's body from which perspiration is to be adsorbed. The moisture absorbing component has a core of moisture a ...

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A liner for helmets, hats, caps or other head coverings has a body with a central section and tapered end sections. The body includes liquid absorbing material and is releasably secured to the head covering for easy replacement. The liners are typically disposable and may be formed with a core of th ...

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Headwear, including all forms of caps, hats, hard hats, visor type caps, to include a switchable power module capable of converting an electric motor driven air moving means from battery power to solar power wherein the solar power panel is removable.

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A combined hairband and hair-retainer includes an elastic, absorbent headband having a hair retainer attached thereto. The hair retainer is an elongated member which is sufficiently flexible to be deformed by hand from one shape to another sufficiently rigid to retain any shape into which it is form ...

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