George G Holt: Cap attachment to prevent protruding hair. Pitts and Brittian, October 10, 1989: US04872218 (79 worldwide citation)

A hair constraint attachment for a cap (12) having an opening in the back of the head cover (12). The attachment (10) includes an attachment member (30) which is dimensioned for covering the opening (26) normally defined between an adjustable strap (14) and the head cover (18). The attachment member ...

J Patrick Makins: Hat with audio earphones. Wells St John & Roberts, October 11, 1988: US04776044 (78 worldwide citation)

A hat is described having a set of audio earphones releasably mounted in earflaps that cover the user's ears. The earphones are disc shaped mini-speakers having a thin profile that are insertable in a pocket between an inner wall and outer wall of each flap. Each earphone is releasably held in place ...

David A Blake: Cap with erasable billboard. Welsh & Katz, October 19, 1993: US05253368 (73 worldwide citation)

A cap having a writing surface attached to its crown. The writing surface is configured to erasably receive writing inscribed thereon by the wearer. There is also included at least one writing implement for inscribing the desired expression or design on the writing surface. The writing implement is ...

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The instant invention provides a hat that may simultaneously accept a plurality of patches. The patches may be connected to the hat by hook and loop fasteners. The hat may be a six-panel baseball cap having an area of hook material either integrally forming a portion of the cap or retrofitted to a p ...

David Vincent Henry: Flashlight holder assembly. Pitts and Brittian P C, March 27, 2001: US06206543 (69 worldwide citation)

A flashlight holder assembly for releasably receiving a flashlight of the type having head rotatable with respect to a barrel for operation thereof. The barrel of the flashlight defines a faceted exterior surface. The holder defines a barrel support and a base. The barrel support defines a faceted i ...

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A changeable message stretch band is disclosed which allows the wearer to communicate words and expressions, particularly thoughts and/or feelings, via the use of removably attached graphics, including letters, numerals, designs and the like, in any combination selected by the wearer, whereby the we ...

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A water absorbent material such as terry cloth is cut into a rectangle. A smaller rectangle of nylon or other water repellent material is sewn over one portion of the terry cloth and that portion is folded over onto itself and sewn together to form watertight pockets. A flap remains which covers the ...

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An advertising cap for a user has a back, a headband, a pair of straps disposed at the back of the conventional cap for adjustment of the size of the headband of the conventional cap, an advertising cap nameplate for concealing the pair of straps after the headband of the conventional cap is adjuste ...

Charles D Mostert: Cap with display pouch. Michael I Kroll, September 26, 1995: US05452479 (63 worldwide citation)

A cap with display pouch is provided, which consists of a member for covering a head of a person. A structure is for holding a card-like article. A component is for attaching the holding structure to the head covering member.

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A cap for displaying information on the front thereof, this cap comprising a crown portion adapted to be worn on the head of the user and having a front section, with the front section having an opening therein. Adjacent this opening is a panel-supporting arrangement, with this panel-supporting arra ...